2 Corinthians 10:5 is the passage often forgotten about when people preach on Spiritual Warfare.

In verses 3 & 4 Paul has reminded us that we battle with spiritual weapons tearing down strongholds.
Watch my words carefully because I may not go where you expect I this post.

Humbled Before God

These people’s prayers effected them, the pray-ers! They humbled themselves before God, submitting their needs before God and received Grace from God.
Here’s the contrast. We try to design a program to “fix” the problem.
  1. We give our arguments to God and others because of our fears.
  2. We come up with our own plans, not because God needs help, but because “these are good ideas.”
  3. And then our thoughts multiply and multiply in our head convincing ourselves that our arguments and our plans are the solution.

But that’s the opposite of verse 5.

Living verse 5, doing Spiritual Warfare is destroying OUR arguments and high minded ideas that become more important than God’s plans. When we take away our own arrogance we are left with the humility that God desires from us. A humility that says, “We need You!”

I believe these folks’ prayers will be answered

Because they destroyed a demon’s stronghold? No! Because they humbled themselves before God, submitting themselves to Him, and He will give them mercy.
Spiritual Warfare is not out yonder. We do not do Spiritual Warfare for others. We intercede for others, but Spiritual Warfare is accomplished in us, in our mind when we:
  1. Destroy arguments in our head
  2. No longer focus on our ideas, but on His, and
  3. Take our thoughts captive

And this reveals where the battle is at. . . our mind.

Just ask any of these folks that walked and prayed, I would guess that EACH one walked away with a peace that transcended their understanding (Philippians 4:7). Why the peace? Because God had fixed the situation? Time will give that answer. No, I believe the reason they had peace is because of God’s grace which is given to each of us when we make our focus Him and not our problems (Romans 8:6).
See the actual article below from Channel 3000 in Madison WI:

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