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Which Prayer Focus is Yours?

Have you ever considered the question?

I think the church needs to be awakened to what prayer really is to be focused upon!

Take a quick listen to this 92 second video.

So, look at your prayers later today or tomorrow.

Ask yourself what your focus is when you pray.

And if your focus is “results” then own that, admit it. And ask the Lord to change your prayer focus.

Do you believe that your prayers are already “relationship” driven? Praise the Lord! And ask Him to give you a deeper sense of intimacy with Him.

I often give the following testimony:

I remember asking God to teach me what “Intimacy with God” meant. I told Him, “Lord, I understand intimacy with my wife, but what does intimacy with You look like?”


It felt like the Lord was silent for 3 years. And then it dawned on me (3 years after I started praying for it), my love for prayer was the answer to my prayer for intimacy.


God gave me a love for prayer, as an answer to my prayer for greater, deeper intimacy with Him.

He will answer your prayer too, and you will be on your way to having “relationship” focused prayers rather that “results” focused prayers.

So, what are you going to do? Remember Dr. Charles F. Stanley’s first life principle, “Intimacy with God, His highest priority for you life. . .”

Make it you highest priority also.

NOTE: I didn’t say that you are NOT to ask God for things, after all He says through James, “we do not have because we do not ask.” (James 4:2e) I’m merely saying, don’t let “results” be your focus.

Blessings my friend,


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