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Prayer In The News


Is to take the news headlines THAT DISCUSS PRAYER and bring an orthodox understanding to you.

And please feel free to disagree with me! After all, one of my first #PrayerInTheNews posts was a positive article by The New York Times.

To see these articles CLICK HERE or type in the search bar “Prayer In The News”

Would You Pray For Me

As you read these, pray for me. Pray that:

  1. I’ll be a good steward of my time, posting these regularly
  2. I would rightly divide the word of truth
  3. Everyone who reads these will either have their
    1. Convictions Confirmed, or their
    2. Status Quo Challenged

A Supportive Resource

Consider also my novel below. It was written with the conviction that looking at our everyday lives, no matter the era, will lead us to praying aright.

CLICK HERE for purchase details.

The novel cover of The Pray-ers with the main characters for all 3 eras

Man Praying

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Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer ~ Romans 12:12

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