A couple of years ago I was speaking in Rincon GA and saw the “Prayer Box” that you see above. It’s a great idea!

I love how a number of churches have these, of various shapes and sizes, in their church entry, and of course their church prayer rooms.

Below is an article about a Catholic Mission in Branford FL doing the same thing.

Now before my fellow Baptist pastors begin to hyperventilate, remember, there will be a few people in heaven that pray differently than you do, there will be some folks there who vote differently than you do, and, God forbid, there will be some folks in heaven that baptize differently than you do.

Just enjoy the “Prayer in the News” article:

Prayer Box in Front of a Church in Branford FLBRANFORD — The Angels of Mercy of San Juan Catholic Mission has recently announced a new initiative in its service to the community — a Prayer Box to help in serving the spiritual needs of the community.

The Prayer Box, located in front of the church at 304 Plant Avenue SE, will receive short notes of the spiritual needs of those who wish to have the church parishioners pray, whether for themselves or for family members or friends who are seeking intercessory prayer for their needs.

To take part, one simply drives by the clearly marked box and drops in a note of the prayer need. The prayers are distributed to a group of people who pray for persons in need — sickness, other need or for the deceased. The prayers are also presented in a group on Sunday Mass for prayer by the entire congregation.

The initiative compliments and rounds out the outreach the church provides for the community. The Angels of Mercy of the Catholic Church has provided free clothing on the third Friday of each month (3-6 p.m.), without charge, identification or any limitation. A person or family can come and take as much clothing as they need. In recent months the Angels have also distributed a small bag of food for those needing a few meals.

Most recently, San Juan Catholic Mission has joined with the local Ministerial Association —Branford Area Inter Church Ministries to provide it with a table in conjunction with the monthly clothes give-away in order to provide a brown bag lunch to those that wish to have it.

The President of the Branford Area Inter Church Ministries (BAICM) is Pastor Bruce Arnold of Beachville Advent Christian Church.



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