Prayer Shaming

Being in a prayer ministry I have some very, very strong opinions when I read people sarcastically tell us, “There’s been a whole lot of prayer in this country, but I haven’t seen it make a lick of difference.”

The above is from #ZackFord @ZackFord, the LGBT Editor of  “Think Progress.”

In fact, I can tell you that it angers me!

In fact, it does more than angers me, it makes me clench my fist, hold my breath, stand up, and say, I AGREE WITH YOU #ZackFord @ZackFord.

Mark Agrees

Did I say that out loud? Folks he’s right.

His view is accurate.

Now I believe his view is accurate by accident. He’s got all the wrong issues on focus.

I’m looking for what can we learn from this issue. And these issues are NOT going away! I believe that this “Prayer Shaming” issue, in particular, will be with us until the Lord returns.

I found a great article that broaches the subject well and balanced. I don’t agree with everything in it, but I want to make the issue their broader point, so I will highlight a few of their comments and give you the link to read it fully for yourself.

First of all, we all know that the Apostle Paul told us to not expect those who are not following Christ to understand the things of God (1 Corinthians 2:14). So don’t be concerned about those who write the things written in the photo above. If you are trying to please man, YOUR focus is wrong.

Quoting Christianity Today

Here are some quotes from the article below that I believe that we, the church, Christ’s bride, can learn a lesson or two from (emphasis and italics by me):

A prayer penned on social media for the sake of likes, retweets and admiration is one upon which God seemingly does not look kindly. Like the ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ meme, there may be a risk of believing that a prayer is only meaningful if it is seen and amen’d by other Twitter users.

For the Christian, the distinction between prayer and action is a false dichotomy. The Bible teaches that prayer can help bring about God’s will.

We are commanded to pray for our enemies. . . Praying for those responsible for terrorism as well as those harmed by it is a reminder of the astounding, undeserved nature of grace and that God longs for the redemption of all people,

But when it comes to praying via social media, perhaps we need to be more cautious, ensuring that we are seeking to be heard by our Father in heaven, rather than our followers.

This article also had a fascinating link that shows details of “terrorist attacks listening them all by date” stating that there were “1,018 in this year alone.”

Let me make this clear, I am NOT JUDGING ANYONE who puts a prayer or note of one in their social media, I AM SAYING, check your motivation. That’s all.

Here is the article above that I have quoted from:

And here is my archived post: “Prayer Shaming” from December 2015:

Archived Prayer Shaming Post



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