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I know you, friend.

You want a deep connection to the heart of God and a way to stay in conversation with Him throughout the day. You want to mature and grow in faith, and you do not want to settle for a surface relationship with the King of Kings.

Yet if you’re honest, keeping your heart in tune with God’s promises throughout the day can be difficult during life’s everyday responsibilities.

Busyness, however, does not have to keep you from intimately knowing and pursuing a relationship with the Creator.  It is possible to keep His promises and your prayers at the front of your mind with a simple Prayer Board. This resource can help you grow deep roots of faith and stay connected to God throughout the day.

Since the popular movie War Room burst onto the Christian movie scene, believers are embracing the concept of a war room. A war room, or a  prayer closet, is a place to display prayer requests and/or Scripture. Many believers are even creating a designated room in their own home as a “war room.”

Unfortunately, a lack of space can stop some of us from making a dedicated war room.

A Personal Prayer Board is the perfect solution!

A Prayer Board is a practical tool to display prayers and keep conversation with God flowing throughout the day. Its compact nature allows prayer requests and Scripture verses to be displayed without taking up walls in the home.

Plus, its mobility allows for easy storage under a bed or behind furniture, if the board is not on permanent display. This simple resource will become a cornerstone in your Bible study and prayer time, as you pray through requests and meditate on Scripture with ease.

Materials Needed for Prayer Board:

  • A bulletin board or magnetic white-board.
  • Pins or magnets (depending on the board type you choose)
  • Category headings that can be either typed and printed, or handwritten
  • Pens or markers (some gel pens are perfect to add some color to the board!)
  • Note cards or paper to write the requests and Bible verses
  • Bible or computer (Bible is fabulous for a quick topical verse search)

Creating the Prayer Board:

  1. First, gather your materials and decide how you want to categorize the topics on your board.  You may choose to group your prayer requests together by the person you’re praying for or place the requests into categories. Prayer request categories may include marriage, children, family, world, friends, job, ministry, and self. Don’t forget to add a section for praises as you marvel how God has faithfully answered prayers or is working on your behalf.
  2. Create headings for your board by either typing and printing them out, or writing them by hand.
  3. Once your categories are created, plan how you want your board to look before putting it all together.
  4. Then, fix your categories to the board either with pins or magnets, depending on the board type you chose.
  5. Next, write prayer requests on the note cards, and put the prayer list on the board under the correct categories.
  6. Finally, write out or type your favorite Scriptures and then add them to the board as well.

This simple DIY project will serve as a memento of God’s faithfulness while keeping you on your knees in prayer for family and friends.  You can take it with you to any room as you fold laundry, wash dishes, or clean bathrooms. You can also store it under or behind a piece of furniture when you’re done!

Here is an example of one of my previous boards.

December Prayer Board

Man Praying

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