Dorms Availabile (on-site)


Registration Options

SCHEDULE: We don’t want Mark to be the only one who knows what’s going on. Here’s is the current schedule:

FRIDAY, 17th
4:00 PM Arrive, Meet & Greet & Eat
4:45 PM Worship
5:30 PM Pray/Sing/Read
7:00 PM Dismiss/Refreshments
8:00 PM All Night Prayer Begins
(feel free to exit anytime throughout the night)
–You can head to a hotel or use a men’s dorm or women’s dorm, on site, and as available

8:30 AM Arrive, Meet & Greet & Eat
9:00 AM Worship
9:45 AM Psalm 46:1-3 (God comforts by His strength)
10:00 AM Pray/Sing/Read
11:00 AM Worship
11:45 AM Psalm 46:4-7 (God comforts by His presence)
12:00 PM Pray/Sing/Read
1:00 PM Break Bread Together
2:00 PM Worship
2:45 PM Psalm 46:8-11 (God comforts by His deeds)
3:00 PM Pray/Sing/Read
By 4:00 PM Dismissed

(Worship Team: Jerry Tucker, Glenn Tucker, Gary Graham)

CLICK HERE for a short post & video explaining our Pray/Sing/Read sessions.

HOTELS: We don’t want you to look like Mark, in the morning. There are numerous hotels in the area.

Daniel Prayer Garden
3430 Land Rd
Alpharetta GA 30004

There are 10 hotels, just off Windward Pakwy & SR 400 (which is basically a freeway). These hotels are within 15 minutes of the Daniel Prayer Garden. Click on the photo below. . .

DORMS: Consider this option, especially if you plan to spend some time, AT NIGHT, with us in prayer. These dorms are on site at Daniel Prayer Garden, but there are a limited number of spaces.

Let us know your interest in the “Registration Survey” below.

FOOD: We will have plenty for you during our event, but if you have specific allergies, please let us know. which you can do in the “Registration Survey” below.

We want you stay nourished, and so for that reason, we as a group are not fasting during this event.

But, if you feel led by the Lord, please do so, and if you would let Mark know, privately, we will do our best to support you, without being a temptation.

REGISTRATION OPTIONS: Mark will offer lots of free things with your registration. But, it’s important you understand how we want you to register (Please, both attenders & not, complete the “Registration Survey” below). . .

Cost: After much prayer, I am convinced I need to leave the registration amount up to you (whether you attend or not). Certainly there are costs for the event location, musicians, food, etc. But I will tell you what I tell pastors when I speak in their churches, “Whatever you are comfortable with, I will be content with.” That rule has served me well for 15+ years. I think it’s perfect for the registration of this event. Your registration fee will be considered a donation, after we have determined all the costs for the event. Donate in the registration link below or in the “Registration Surve” which you will access below.

2 Registration Options. . .

Considering Attending: Unless it’s your anniversary weekend, that weekend, we hope EVERYONE will “consider” attending. Your “For Sure Yes or No” can come later. When you register below, you are AUTOMATICALLY added to a “Praying for the Event” group.

Unable to Attend, but Praying for the Event: We expect this event to be undergirded with lots of prayer. Expect a few emails, but VERY FEW.

CLICK HERE to register.