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What’s New Today?

  • Expectations
  • Distractions

Thinking of Psalm 5:3, “Coming to the Lord in the morning, giving Him your requests, AND THEN YOU WAIT EXPECTANTLY.” Did you look at yesterday’s prayer? (See below)

What’s your expectation for this weekend? Is your expectation a big expectation? Is it an unrealistic expectation? What’s your expectation for this weekend?

WE DON’T CARE! And we don’t want you to either.

Here’s the only thing you have to consider, and it comes because of Psalm 34:7 and 1 John 5:14-15.

Is your expectation CONTRARY to God’s will?


Then trust God to DELIVER you your EXPECTATION, or to take it off of your heart.


Don’t be surprised if you are experiencing distractions about attending, Friday.


What’s New Today?

  • Live Stream Button
  • A PrayerCon Prayer

We added the Live-Stream button above, in case others want to view PrayerCon.

You have heard Mark pray for years, from Psalm 5:3, “Come to the Lord in the morning. Lay your requests before Him. And then wait in expectation. We ask you to do the same with the following prayer.

Below is a prayer that Mark Mirza and Greg Nicholaides prayed this last Friday, for PrayerCon. We think you will find it an inspiration to the way/s you can pray for this weekend.

Praying for PrayerCon

Mark: Oh Lord our Lord, my brother and I approach You in one accord reminded of just how sweet it is when men come together in unity. I thank You that You give me the opportunity to do this many times each week. I praise You for Your faithfulness Father. You are always available to hear me when I come to You like this. I also praise You for Your generous mercy which I so often need.
Greg: Yes indeed Lord, how sweet it is when we enjoy this time together with You. I pray that You will abundantly bless everything associated with PrayerCon next weekend. Although we have crafted a flexible schedule, I pray that we will be totally submitted to the will of Your Holy Spirit in what we do, what we say, even what we think. Your people are coming together focused on You Father!
Mark: Father, please allow everyone who is coming to meet with You at PrayerCon safe and unincumbered passage to and from the event. And, please keep them free from illness and any physical difficulty that could interfere with their participation. Some will experience distractions between now and March 17th. Lord, give them the freedom to look beyond the temporary challenges to the expected blessings of PrayerCon.
Greg: Gracious Heavenly Father, I pray that Your people who assemble for PrayerCon will come prepared to profess their love for You and to confess their sorrow about how they have thought, said, and done things that did not please You. I pray that Your people will come to PrayerCon ready to share each other’s burdens as they lay them down in front of You.
Mark: Lord, thank You for making PrayerCon possible. So with confident expectation, we lift up this prayer to You as a sweet smelling offering. We do so in the wonderful and all powerful name, and by the precious and transforming blood of our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – Amen.


For those of you who “Hashtag” please use the following, #PrayerCon as you announce on social media. If you desire a photo, please use the one above.

FYI. Registrations close on Tuesday. And we’ve got a full house!

Let me remind you that if you are staying onsite, you’ll need to bring a blanket (or sleeping-bag) and a towel. Daniel Prayer Garden supplies fitted sheets and a pillow & case.

Finally, the weather. Personally, I don’t trust the weather info, but I am adding a pair of gloves in case we prayer walk during part of our evening of all-night-prayer.

See you soon!






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