Mark goes to Washington DC as often as he can. He prays for elected officials, their staff, janitors, visitors and anyone else he senses he can pray for.

When you donate to Common Thread Ministries, you help him defray the costs. Thank you (MarkMirza.com/Donations).

This Next Trip Mark Plans to Coordinate National Day of Prayer Participation (#NDPTF).

Mark completes a “DC Trip Report” each time (most times) he visits. You can see a link below to the latest one, then at the bottom of that one will be links for the previous trip reports.

“Coincidentally,” and we say that in quotes because we are in the prayer-business, last week he was at the Gwinnett County Courthouse with the Gwinnett County NDPTF Coordinator, David Burgher, from Bridge the Gap Ministries who goes to the courthouse EVERY FRIDAY to pray over and pray with individuals and leaders.

Also, at the time of this writing (Tuesday, March 26, 2024) Mark was in the Georgia State Capitol visiting with elected officials and their staff. One of the staffers stopped him and said, “Mark, last session when you prayed for me, the rest of my session went so much better. It was because of the prayers.”

This is Mark. Let me just interject, “I HAVE GOT A GREAT JOB!”

Thank you for your prayers.


PrayerCon 2025

MARCH 14-15, 2025

Were you at PrayerCon 2023?

Don’t miss PrayerCon 2025.

Scroll down to find last year’s details, as we populate this page, in preparation for PrayerCon 2025.

  • Same Great Location
  • Same Great Musicians
  • Same Great Food
  • Same Great Fellowship
  • Same Great Focus

DIFFERENT TIMES THOUGH . . . 12 Noon to 12 Noon


11 Minutes of
2023 Memories

(see Video Below)


Happy Birthday Georgia

JANUARY 2, 2024

Pray in the New Year with us at the Georgia State Capitol


1] Park at Steve Polk Plaza Parking
(corner of Washington St. SW & MLK Jr Dr SE).

2] We will meet inside the Gold Dome
(enter thru the Mitchell St SW entrance, you’ll need your ID).

3] No need to pre-register.

We pray in the New Year in so many different contexts. . .

  • At Your Church
  • At Your Home
  • With Your Ministry
  • Even on Your Own

IF YOU BELIEVE IN “PRAYING IN THE NEW YEAR” . . . Please Join us, 12 Noon to 2 PM under the Gold Dome (GPS: Capitol Square SW).

More details are to follow, so check back here often. . .

On January 2, 1788, the state of Georgia ratified the US Constitution, making it the 4th, of the original 13 colonies to join the Union. Georgia was also the first southern state to ratify the contitution, a constitution which residents celebrated by firing off cannons. The state elected officials were so moved by the unique US Constitution, “The experimental republican form of governement,” as it was being called, that they rewrote Georgia’s constitution to mirror the US Constitution.

On January 2, 2024, the state of Georgia will be 236 years old. While we want to have a big birthday party, we’re not sure we can fit 236 candles on the cake. We do, however, plan a NON-PARTISAN time to Pray In The New Year and would like you to join us. We will pray in the new legislative session, which begins on January 8th.

Mark Your Calendars to Join Us on January 2nd!

We want you to join us for cake and coffee, prayers and proclamations, declaring our trust in the Lord for the future of this great state. We will have prayers in the rotunda and then you will be encouraged to travel throught the entire Capitol building and pray at the various prayer stations. We will provide prayer prompts ALREADY PRINTED FOR YOU, so. . .

  • Bring your children.
  • Bring your friends.
  • Bring your fellow pray-ers.

Our Capitol is blessed with so many Prayer Station Options. Here is what we are considering, so far, are. . .

  1. Governors office
  2. Secretary of State office
  3. Senate Chambers
  4. House Chambers
  5. Fourth floor Museum – History, Business, environment, land
  6. Lower level Plaques – 10 commandments, foundation of justice and righteousness
  7. Oglethorpe Statue – Remembering the original purpose and destiny in the founding of Georgia



OCTOBER 1, 2023


This is a Concert of Prayer.

An hour of Worship, then an hour of Prayer.

Imagine an event where NO ONE’S name is lifted up but Christ’s.

  • No introductions
  • No talking, commentary, teaching, etc.
  • And, no one selling items at the back wall

And, no one will tell you what to pray. We will trust the Holy Spirit to prompt you during the time of worship.


PrayerCon 2023

MARCH 17-18, 2023

This March marks the 10 Year Anniversary of our Men’s Prayer Conference Call, which meets every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. In celebration we invited fellow weekly prayer groups to the Daniel Prayer Garden in Alpharetta/Milton Georgia. We went from 4pm on Friday and dismissed around 1pm on Saturday.

Many attended according to their convenience. Some only attended Friday, and some only Saturday. Nevertheless, 50 people atteded!

Keep looking here for more of the memories.

It was one sweet time!


SBCAL Weekly Prayer

While Southern Baptist Churches are completely autonomous from a hierarchy which gives direction, “Associational Missionaries” act as area-wide support, especially for the smaller churches. We have come alongside these servants (since December 2018) to pray with them every Wednesday at 2:30pm (Eastern time). If you are an AMS, we encourage you to join us.

Call in: (681) 999-0209
Access Code: 711285
Password: 1570


Common Thread Ministries’ PrayerCon


All the contemporary “ABC-Cons” of today have 1 constant which sets them apart from Common Thread Ministries’ #PrayerCon . . . THEY ARE ALL FINITE, USUALLY LASTING ONLY A WEEKEND.

Contrast that to PrayerCon’s Cornerstone Verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:17:

“Continually Pray.” (Literal Std. Ver.)

PrayerCon’s focus is to get you continually praying, whether that be WITH US OR WITH OTHERS. We don’t care! We just want you praying, with one another. We have MANY groups which have been praying together weekly for 6 years, 7 years, and more.

Our Mission Statement is “Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer” and we believe this happens when you get engaged, doing prayer WITH OTHERS.

Come Pray With Us.

Additional ideas behind PrayerCon and its implementation will be rolled out as necessary.



Consider Having Mark Speak in Your Church.

Get to know Mark by CLICKING HERE. But also, call him (404) 606-2322.

And remember that, as he likes to say, “Money is NEVER a reason to not invite him.” Whatever you are comfortable with, he will be content with. He won’t even look at the check until the next day.

He has a video he asks you to show a week before he will get there. In 90-ish seconds he gives you a feel for what it will be like having him speak.

You may also wonder about “HOW” you can use Mark, CLICK HERE for a short 2 minute video where Mark gives you some ideas on how other churches and organizations have used him.

Prayer Basics Videos.

From “Not-Worrying” to Fasting, Mark covers the basics of prayer. But most importantly, you’ll walk away with experiencing God’s presence.

For a laugh or two, check out the playlist called: PRAYER HUMOR.

We Invite You
To Explore Prayer.

We are not interested in you doing prayer, “Our-Way.” But we are convinced you need to do prayer ALWAYS (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Start on our home page. You will find everything from the National Day of Prayer to Mark’s Calendar with tons of things in between.


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