Become A Prayer Marshal

(Yes, one “l” is correct in this context)

See BELOW, our 5 places to SPECIFICALLY and STRATEGICALLY “Marshal” your prayers.

Visit this page OFTEN for updates.

Scroll down for details on the following 5 items.

Praying for Elected Officials

Prayer Gatherings

Events which Need Your Prayers

Prayer Conference Calls


Pray/Write our Elected Officials

Join us as we encourage you to partner with us, through Capitol Commission’s BRILLIANT prayer web-page.


May we suggest:

SEND letters and/or emails to your elected official/s telling them how you are praying for them.

THEN,  CC: Common Thread Ministries/Mark Mirza

WHY? Because every time I go to D.C. I am deluged by their discouragment. . .

BUT. . .when I remind them you are praying, their eyes light up.

It’s amazing! It’s incredible! It’s awesome, and IT NEEDS YOU.


PS. You can CC me either electronically or with an actual letter.

Mark Mirza
850 Piedmont Ave NE #1506
Atlanta GA 30308

Prayer Gatherings For You

Next Gathering/s:

Monday, August 31st; 1 – 4 pm at Legacy Outdoor Ministries in Hawkinsville GA.

Tuesday, September 1st; 9 – Noon at Guido Gardens in Metter GA.

CLICK HERE for details.


Eastern GA, at Guido Gardens:


South Central GA, at Legacy Outdoor Ministries


Western GA, at Pine Eden


In Northwest GA, at Daniel Prayer Garden

Events Which Need Your Prayers

Please Sign Up To Pray

Please consider signing up to pray for these events. We will send you a strategic and specific prayer request every week or so.

Pray For America Rally in Greene County

These folks have organized a pastor led prayer time, hosted by the mayor of Greensboro GA.


Mark’s next monthly visit to D.C. will be September 22-23.


Join us in praying for this Alabama event. October 4th – 8th.


Currently being rescheduled for October 15-19, 2020 in Central Pennsylvania.

Prayer Conference Calls

Prayer Conference Calls Last 15 minutes.

Our simple structure is:

  • 1st, 5 minutes praising God
  • 2nd, 5 minutes praying for your family
  • 3rd, 5 minutes praying for you

See men and women’s calls below:



  • Mon., Wed., & Fri., 7:00 am


  • Mon.,  8:45 am
  • Thur., 6:45 am


  • For Georgia, 6:30 am


Conference Call Info

Dial In (605) 313-5086

Access Code 347361#


During August we are lifting up schools, teachers, administrators and students. Join us as we #PrayAllYear and pray every day.

Let us know which county’s school/s yu are praying for by signing up on the RISE Platform.




C: (404) 606-2322

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