Starting in the winter of 2011 I had the opportunity to do a daily radio show with themed praying depending upon the season. The Christmas Season’s Praying has become an annual event here at Common Thread Ministries, and we hope you will enjoy it with us.

For the Christmas holiday I put The Christmas Story in Chronological Order and then set up 25 Days of Daily Prayer during the Christmas season. It was a huge hit then and I think you will find it a great encouragement to you now. It is a unique look into Christmas.

We hope you’ll join us.


Each Day’s Subject/Focus

Remember, they WON’T BE AVAILABLE until its day:


December 1st A Foundation of Brokenness
December 2nd How Big is Your God
December 3rd Christ Came with a Purpose
December 4th Brokenness in the Church
December 5th Unity Brings God Glory
December 6th The Disease of Affluence
December 7th Sharing this Season’s Truths
December 8th Doubting God’s Promises
December 9th A Giddy Time with God
December 10th Do You Doubt or Trust God
December 11th Give Tangibly to the Hurting
December 12th Unity in the Body
December 13th Joseph’s Obedience
December 14th Whom Can You Comfort?
December 15th Communicating with God
December 16th What Will You Ponder?
December 17th Outside Your Comfort Zone
December 18th Family Forgiveness
December 19th Dead to Sin/Alive to Christ
December 20th Step Outside Your Box
December 21st Older Blessing the Younger
December 22nd He Came to Live and to Die
December 23rd God is Still Sovereign
December 24th God Can Use You Too
December 25th My Prayer for You