Like many people I was up this morning watching the devastation occurring in Houston but I was interested not only in what has already occurred but the reality of so much more water coming down over the next few days.

The challenge in this kind of a situation for me is how do I pray for them. What does the Lord want me to pray on behalf of these people?

As I searched the scriptures I believe the Lord laid on my heart Psalm 123. And here is how I found myself praying for these folks today.

Father, I pray for those men and women and boys and girls that are going through this natural disaster in Houston, and the reality that it is far from over. Father as I think of them and I look at these versus, my prayer is that they would lift their eyes to You because You are the One who is enthroned in the heavens above this flood and storm system.

Lord, I pray that they would lift their eyes to You and as the end of verse two says, “until You show them favor.” And yet Lord, I know that there will be many who will find all kinds of other things to focus on and think about and worry about rather than lifting their eyes to You. Many folks will have the opportunity to spend time with You and yet will choose not to.

Father I thank You for this opportunity that so many of them have to follow You, to lift their eyes to You and I pray that they will do that during this natural disaster.

Amen, God of Comfort,

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