Every Thursday my prayer partner and I pray with a number of crazy ladies (I told them I’d take out the word “crazy”).

I shared with them that I want to write on this N. Korean threat but remain consistent to the way I have been teaching on praying for leaders for the last few years.

So before I share with you their prayers let me remind you of a few details about Romans 13:1 & 2.

The Background

  1. The leaders in place are there because God wants them there, and
  2. Because God put them there
  3. Paul wrote this when Nero led Rome
  4. Nero is the one who put Christians on the top of poles. . .
  5. Lighting them on fire for his nightlights
  6. THAT is the context of Romans 13:1 & 2.

Their Prayers

The following are this morning’s prayers from each of us in this special prayer time with these ladies. I never, NEVER record our prayers, but this is one that I wish I had. Note their prayers:

  • Father, I often teach that Romans 13:1-2 means that you placed leaders in positions, and you want them in positions of authority, both in the USA, and N. Korea and so we trust You Lord
  • Lord, You are our refuge in a time of trouble
  • We have confidence in You who is our strength
  • Father, we know that You shake things up and when they are shaken what is left is what You wanted to be left. So we trust You as the God who is and will shake things up regardless of man’s plans
  • Father, we trust You to revisit N. Korea with revival, and forgive us Father, in the USA for being too arrogant to allow revival in our land. We want You to protect us, but like 911 we will soon leave the churches, again.
  • Thank You for being a God who brings and allows difficulties SO THAT we turn to You
  • Praise You Lord, our defender and our comforter
  • Father, cause us to STAY in prayer and not stop after a few weeks, cause us to be devoted to prayer
  • Lord, use this time to cause folks to know You, who is to know life eternal
  • Father, open the eyes and the ears of the hearts of our leaders and the leaders of the world to be led by Your Word

To say the least, this was a very special time on the phone. I’m sure that on the phone there were some fears, but as is ALWAYS the case, when we place our focus on Him, the things of earth grow strangely dim, because of His glory and His grace.

The Article

To read the article from the Baptist Press that prompted this post, CLICK HERE


Blessings my friends, and I trust that you will return to our “Prayer In The News” posts often.


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