Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer (Psalm 11:3)

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My Dear Pray-ers,


Viewing Christmas as a Pray-er

What Can You Do?

You may or may not know that every Christmas we offer up our:

25 Days of Christmas Prayers

Every year I reread these prayers and think, “Wow, these are really good!”
I know that sounds weird since I wrote them, but truly, it’s what I think.

Please enjoy those that have already posted, and take a moment to enjoy those that come our way for the remainder of the Christmas season.

Day 13, Joseph’s Obedience

– This is today’s and WOW, it’s a tough one.

Day 10, Trusting God

– Interesting the difference in how the wise-old mature Christian DIDN’T trust and the young girl DID trust.


Day 9, A Giddy Time with God

– I just love the picture of these 2 old people, pregnant.


Day 7, Sharing this Season’s Truth

– Why did John the Baptist precede Jesus? How can you?

Day 4, Brokenness in the Church

– The people that live around and near your church, do they want your Jesus?

Day 2, How Big is Your God

– This prayer is so challenging to me. See if it is to you too.

Blessings my friends,

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Lots going on every day!
Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us as we continue to pray that God will open doors so that we can spread this message and spread it boldly.

Thank you for praying.


Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker/Writer for Common Thread Ministries
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