Facing Terror

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This is a sobering book, based on what is going on in our society today.

The writer and her husband were captured by Islamic extremists whom they were missionaries to.

Size: 237 Pgs
9.5″ x 6.0″


Mark (12/2/2018) This is a sobering book with what is going on around the world today. And EXCELLENT book, but a sobering book.

The true story about a couple that was willing to pay the ultimate price to help the people they’d come to love.  March 15, 2004 – Carrie McDonnall and her husband, David, had just spent the day surveying refugee camps. They were
in a hurry to reach the safety of their home before nightfall. Suddenly,
the crowded street they were on became eerily quiet. And then, out of
nowhere came an explosion of bullets and shrapnel…

You’ll also witness Carrie’s journey toward healing, and discover
the renewed reason for hope that we all can have in troubled times

Size: 237 Pgs
9.5″ x 6.0″


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