Chapter 19

March 19th-20th, Monday & Tuesday, Washington D.C. Capitol Hill

I arrived into Ronald Reagan International Airport on Delta flight number 2638 at 9am. Clyde suggested I book this flight for myself, him and my bodyguard, Anthony. He said congressmen and women often take this flight at this time.

I bought a first-class ticket for myself and comfort plus tickets for them. Sitting in first class certainly has its benefits, but not on this flight. I sat next to some businessman who was overly full of himself and all he wanted to do was talk to me.

Thankfully the flight was only an hour and a half. I waited outside the jetway for my slow-moving companions. “What took so long, you two? I’ve been waiting here with all these ‘regular’ people for nearly an hour.”

I always insist we rent a big black SUV, which we did, but then we sat in traffic as the Metro train went by us at least a dozen times. I fumed, just sitting there, but I’ve been on the MARTA trains in Atlanta, and there was no way I was going to do that here.

I had appointments this morning with our two state Senators, which we were nearly late for, and then afternoon appointments with five of our fifteen Georgia Congressmen, two of whom are women.

As I walked into each office, meeting lowly receptionists, I was amazed by a couple things. First, they were eager to make sure we were comfortable. They almost fell over themselves to make sure we had water, soda, etc.

I decided it was a little over the top and they can’t possibly treat everyone like they were treating me. It had to be they were just catering to me because they know who I am.

The next thing that surprised me was how busy the staff were. I bet they don’t get paid as much as I pay my lazy personnel. I’m going to have to do something about that when I get back to Atlanta.

At the end of the day we went to the elegant Willard Intercontinental Hotel, where I had booked a $700.00 suite. But I purposely booked Clyde and Anthony in the Holiday Inn, down the road, away from me. No way would I pay what it costs to have them stay here. Plus, I like to have a break from them.

We sat down for a drink in the bar, but I told them they were on their own for dinner. “Did they smirk when I told them that?” I wondered.

Clyde said our two candidates’ meetings for the next day were on the schedule in my portfolio. One is before lunch and one is right after lunch. I told these two morons to be at my hotel no later than 10 a.m. and we parted company.

I was glad to be rid of them for now. However, they can be useful. Because of their size I introduce them as my bodyguards and that seems to suffice, as well as make my station in life plain to everyone.

When I got to my room, I pulled off my $600 Jimmy Choo Romy 60 pumps, beautiful in black suede. As much as I love them I did wish women would just wear flats! Then I closed the curtains tightly and raised the heat in my room. All that walking had tired me out and my feet were hurting. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a foot massage.

The next day, our two appointments seemed too rushed to me. I didn’t like feeling as if I were merely a part of the cattle being moved in and out of both candidates’ private offices. I suspect that will change when they see the contents of their “gift.”

As I left, I gave them each an envelope with a copy of a generous check which I had made out and mailed to their respective advertising agencies. I suspect they called their ad agencies to confirm receipt of my checks. The checks were for the same amount and they were both received with grace. But I’ll bet their jaws dropped when they opened the envelopes.

I also made sure to look each candidate in the eye and tell them, “I’m here to serve you anyway I can.” To which they seemed to respond gratefully.

There was a point in each visit when I had to delicately dance around a question and it came from the candidates’ Chief of Staff each time. I was asked if I would attend their gathering when they next visited Atlanta.

“Of course, I’d be honored.” The words were more of a stammer, at first, fearing they would probably want me on stage and I was supporting both candidates. But then I saw my out and energetically agreed. “The only thing we’ll need to do is double check my schedule. I am very busy, you know.”

Later in the day while I was in the Delta Sky Club Lounge, I received a personal call from each candidate, thanking me for my “generous” donation. Each of them asked if I would host a group of very high-end donors at my home. Again, I enthusiastically told them I’d love to, “if my schedule allowed.”

After we hung up, I smiled to myself and chuckled a little more loudly than I had planned. “Million-dollar checks go a long way.”

Clyde who was sitting opposite me asked if everything was okay.

“Perfectly,” I murmured. “Perfectly.” And up from my belly came a low purr.

 March 20th, House and Senate Office Buildings

I got a call from Dr. Dale. He was back in town. We weren’t able to get together, but we spent a few minutes talking about the 1656 voter guide which he sent me when we first met.

I told him that this brilliant sermon from 1656 England had been passed up the ladder to my boss.

I told him how I took the sermon and rewrote it into modern day English, just for ease of reading.

“Great idea,” he said. “I’d love to see it in a modern English wording. The Olde English was pretty tough to follow at times.”

I chuckled without telling Dale that in the Presidential Consultant business we always tried to dumb-things-down so there would never be any miscommunication. I sent him a copy from my phone while we were talking.

We had a great conversation and when we parted he added, “If you change your mind and can meet, I’m staying in the Holiday Inn, down the street from the Willard, InterContinental.”

We hung up and I opened the document I had sent to my boss and the Chief of Staff.[i]

I had simply written a highlight of the first half, but I sent the entire second half, the voter’s guide (as I was now calling it).

The document read:


The pastor who gave this sermon in 1656 was William Gurnall. There is very little known about him, except that back in the mid seventeenth century he wrote a thirteen-hundred-page book on Spiritual Warfare. I happen to have that book and I can affirm that his attention to detail is microscopic.

The Sermon:

In the first half of the sermon the writer gives a message based on the first chapter of Isaiah and how, by application, he sees his own country. He indicated that what God said to the Jews of Isaiah’s time, he could see God saying to his nation, 1656 England.

As I went through his sermon, I admit that I too saw our nation, modern-day USA, and I could see God saying to us the same things He said to the Jews in Isaiah’s time. I did not include the entire sermon for you, but I can send it if you would like.

The Voter’s Guide:

I looked at my watch and saw that I was running out of time. I needed to get to the Metro station soon, so I just perused the section titles of the document.

Why We Vote

  • Because We Steward for God
  • Because We Speak for God
  • Because We Stand for God

Who Should Get Your Vote

  • Look for the fear of God in those you choose
  • Look for wisdom and proper gifts
  • Enquire whether they are Christians
  • Look for courage and resoluteness
  • Find purposeful focus on the nation’s public affairs
  • Choose those who have healing spirits
  • Look for a desire to serve
  • Find those faithful to the ministers and the ministry of the Gospel

What Occurs After We Vote

I was again amazed at this incredible document. What a great find. Dale was right. He had told me the document was, “Brilliant back in its day, but a must-read for today’s troubled times.”

 March 22nd, Thursday Evening, FBI Headquarters

Pete’s file arrived from a Homeland Security courier, as usual, and on time. I sat down, opened the “Eyes Only” copy and was aghast at what I read.

“I can’t believe Pete is right, but maybe, just maybe he has a point.” I sat the report down and wondered what my next steps should be.

The report read:


Field Report:

19th-20th, March, All Day each Day


N/A, Observed only


Tailed Perp #3 and recorded each Senator, Congressman and Congresswoman he spoke to. (In some cases he spoke to staff only, unknown which staff.  Also do not know if Perp made a significant staff engagement, as he has at times, or if he merely dropped off paperwork of some kind). His hotel was the same as Perp #2. Perp #3 checked in the day Perp #2 checked out. After review with Senior Chief Pete Beecham, we have three questions to nail down. First, did Perp #3 go to a preassigned drop location since Perp #2 was in the same hotel, just the day before; Second, why didn’t Perp #2 and Perp #1 stay in same hotel; and Third, why does Perp #3 come to D.C. on the same days, Tuesday and Wednesday. What is significant about these days?


Classified, Director Pete Beecham

Copy, FBI, Eyes Only: Jack Jones


“Crap,” I said to myself. And then I called Pete’s direct number.

“Finish going deep on Perp #3 and get a very deep file on Perp #2,” I ordered.

As I was hanging up on Pete, I heard him say, “Perp #3 is the real bad guy, not Perps #1 or #2.”

I brought the phone back to my ear. “Humor me, would you, Pete? Do them both.”

I remained silent and after a few moments he let out a long sigh. That was his tell, his body language which told me he’d agreed.

I said, “Thanks,” and hung up.


[i] Again, the entire document, rewritten into modern English can be found at