Chapter 30

Tuesday Night May 29th, Safe House-3

We met again, in the FBI safe-house. It has now been just over four weeks since Billy shared the findings which caused Jack’s suspicion of Jude and Issy.

Billy opened us in prayer for wisdom. It was really sweet. He grabbed my hand, not in a romantic sense, but to pray. Although, it was a bit romantic to me.

I like Billy. Have I mentioned that? And I think I’m liking him more and more.

We found ourselves sitting nearer and nearer each other during our midweek prayer meetings and Bible Studies we attended, together, but not really together.

Anyway, behind the scenes, we had been working on finding the evidence against Jude and Issy, with the plan of figuring out if there was another explanation for it. We both know the FBI and Homeland Security folks may be brilliant at their jobs, but none of them are theologians, not that Billy and I are, but I do believe our thought patterns are more attuned to deal with religious documents than they.

“The first thing we need though, Sammie, are the documents Jack is basing his suspicions upon.”

My jaw dropped open, “Are you talking about breaking into Jack’s computer?”

Billy was silent, but I did notice a little mischievous grin. He just said, “I don’t want to.” And left it at that.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes.

“Billy, that’s very dangerous, and illegal. Oh, I don’t know.”

He leaned towards me and gently held my two hands in his. “He has really soft hands,” I thought to myself.

“Sammie, I read this verse today, Proverbs 29:7. I always read the chapter in Proverbs, of the day of the month it is.”

“So today you read Proverbs chapter twenty-nine?” I said smiling. “I do the same thing.”

“You do?” he asked, surprised. And then he went on, it says ‘The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.’”

“And in a sense, that’s the way I view Jude and Issy. They are poor, in their situation, because they have no idea how close they are to being thrown into jail.”

I interrupted him, “So, are you saying Jack is wicked?”

“No, not at all,” he laughed. “I really like and respect Jack, he reminds me of my dad. But, evil or wicked advice? Yes, I think he’s been given some.”

He let my hands go and for a short moment I was flustered and a tad upset, but I quickly put those thoughts away.

He continued, “I did some cross referencing this morning and found verse eight of chapter thirty-one. It says, ‘you must defend those who are helpless and have no hope.’” (CEV)

“That’s a verse we use for pro-life issues, isn’t it?” I commented.

“Exactly. The idea is that Jude and Issy’s situation is helpless, as far as they are concerned. In fact, they don’t even know they need help. But they do.”

Billy stopped abruptly and then said, “Sammie, I admit that I’m a little scared of getting into Jack’s computer, but I think I must help them any way I can.”

He sat back, thoughtfully, and I could tell our relationship had gone to another level. To his surprise, and to mine, I kissed his forehead as I got up.

“Let’s go to the table,” I said. “And we’ll figure out a plan of action.”

“We need to connect all the dots,” I said when we got to the table.

“But we don’t yet know all the dots,” Billy complained.

“Do you have any idea how Jack organizes his files? Does he keep them in a safe, online, on his phone or a tablet, or what?”

“I have no clue,” Billy confessed.

“Then where do we start?” I asked.

And Billy did it again. He grabbed my hands gently, which I admit, sent a little jolt of electricity through me. He bowed his head and said, “Lord, we still have the same problem. We do not know where to start. Your word says that when we need wisdom, You will give it to us generously.[i] Father, we trust You for wisdom, for direction, for clarity, and for success as we try and help our friends.”

I added, “But Father, if we are wrong, make it clear to us so we can let the natural course of events take place.”

We remained quiet for a few moments and it was precious. It reminded me of my father who always says during those times of silence, “Be still and know that I am God.”[ii]

After a few more moments we looked up, but we didn’t stop holding hands, which was kind of nice. I said, “I think I need to start looking much more closely at every file in Jude’s name. If there are bad-guys afoot and they are in Jude’s files, we will need to find out who they are and what their plan is.”

“Good idea, Sammie. I need to determine what the various puzzle pieces are and then how do they fit together. Those are our immediate goals. Do you agree?”

“I do,” I said and then blushed so strongly and quickly I could feel it.

Billy chuckled, “In the non-marriage sense of the phrase, of course.”

I was too embarrassed to respond.

As Billy and I readied to leave Safe House-3 he grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze, then we left, via different exits.

 Same Night, FBI Headquarters

I was just getting ready to go home. It was another late night, but I got an urgent call from the transcript writer assigned to Safe House-3.

She said, “Sir, there is an imminent threat to your computer system. We expect it to happen soon.”

Immediately my mind started to whir and I was thinking about recent cases and whose toes I had stepped on. While I was thinking, I asked, “Do we know the source of the hack?”

“Yes, sir. I just checked the transcription for accuracy.”

I chuckled and realized what was going on. “You are talking about Safe House-3 and that would be the transcripts for Billy Marshall and Sammie Prescott, correct?”

“Yes, sir,” she said. “May I ask. . . Is there anything romantic going on between them?”

This time I laughed out loud. “Yes, there is, but they don’t know it yet. It’s actually kind of cute.”

“Anyway,” I went on, “what’s the scoop?”

“Well, sir, the male suggested breaking into your computer to figure out what documents they do not have, in order that they would be able to connect the dots and determine the innocence of two friends of theirs.”

“That sounds right,” I said.

And then I thought about it. My files are incredibly well hidden, and I have wanted to test this pimply-faced kid.

“Hmm,” I said into the phone. And then, after a few seconds, I continued, “I just texted you my authorization to send this transcript over in the normal channels. Do not FastTrack-it, okay?”

From the other end of the phone I heard a hesitant, “Yes, sir. Are you sure, sir?”

“Thank you for your help,” I said, and then hung up.

“Hmmm, I like Billy. Let’s see what he can do.” I sat down with a proud-of-him smile on my face. And then realized, “But you better not get caught, son.”

 Same Night, Atlanta GA

Clyde and I had a long appointment tonight. I had to make sure the hidden documents were what I had envisioned.

Nearly two years ago, I was on my winter Holiday in the southern hemisphere. I think I was at a luxury resort in Brasilia, I don’t recall. Anyway, that was when I devised this plan to donate sufficiently to be known by both candidates, whoever they might be, discredit their existing Religion Consultant, and then be perfectly situated to join the team of the new President.

I believe this is the next step in God’s plan for my life.

With the right culpable documents, in two hidden files, I will be able to quicken the demise of the Religion Consultant I choose to pull the trigger on. And now at the beginning of the summer, it was time to upload the rest of the papers while I increased my visibility to both candidates.

Clyde has turned out to be a pretty good Lieutenant. Today I had him bring me a printout of each document which I went through minutely, again.

Next, we talked about the logic of downloading everything at once or over time.

There were also new dynamics which needed review since this Prayer-Guy was on the scene who would, without knowing it, make himself a buffer between me and Clyde and the Candidates, as well as the husband and wife team, which was a huge coup for us.

All of the documents heading for the Religion Consultants’ servers Clyde was routing through the Prayer-Guy’s computer.

Life is sweet. By the time we were done I was purring. I was becoming less and less embarrassed about this and the sound was becoming more and more deep. It was almost scary. I say ‘almost’ because it was still very intoxicating

But I saw victory for Operation Judas, just a few short months away. My two year plan was about to come to fulfillment.

 Same Night, Washington D.C.

I was examining Jude’s server and trusting that Billy was carefully doing what he needed to do when my heart stopped.

I was making my way through dead files when I found a recent file, made to look like it had been there for months and months.

The signature stamp was something Billy had told me to look for. But I hadn’t seen one in Jude’s server until now. And it seemed to have an additional address stamp which I was not expecting.

It was from the Warner Robins Counterintelligence unit, but routed through a private, personal computer in Macon, Georgia, a small town near Warner Robins Air Force Base. The PC was registered to some guy named, Dr. Dale Riley.

The file was named “Operation Judas.”


[i] James 1:5

[ii] Psalm 46:10a