Chapter 32

Wednesday June 20th, Ocmulgee River Park, Macon GA

“Why are you calling me from Macon, you fool? I wanted an in-depth report from you today, here in my office.”

Why do I pay this man so much?

“Clyde, did you meet with this ‘Dale’ guy?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Can he do the dates I want or not?”

“No, ma’am.”

“No? Did he say ‘No?’”

“Yes, ma’am, but his. . .”

I cut him off. “It was a rhetorical question, Clyde. Shut up while I think.”

After a few moments, I said, “Get up here so we can talk before church tonight.”

Then I hung up.

 Same Day, 8pm, FBI Headquarters

A special report from Homeland Security was delivered to my office late this afternoon.


Surveillance Report:

20, June – All Morning, Macon GA




Perps #2 & #3 met in park where lots of line of sight issues played havoc with our listening devices. Perps seemed to coordinate this with great precision.

Attached transcripts are helpful, but critical details are missing.


Classified, Director Pete Beecham

Copy, FBI, Eyes Only: Jack Jones

I read through all the transcripts and the report’s author was correct. I had to piece together what happened, based on these disjointed transcripts and ancillary ‘notes to file’ which were already added.

Both men were being tailed, by two crews of three agents and two cars each, which meant, when they got to the park there would be four cars, twelve agents and the two Perps.

I shook my head and said, “They were doing it again; looking like Keystone Cops.”

I could imagine the park with a few stay-at-home moms and their children, and what it must have looked like with twelve agents in four cars plus the two Perps.

I leaned back for a moment, rubbed my eyes and shook my head in disgust.

I read the transcripts wondering how quickly the surveillance was blown.

PERP 2: Dale, I’m glad you could meet me.

PERP 3: Hey, I’m glad that you were able to work around my schedule, Clyde. I come out here most days now that I’m not working at the University anymore. I try to run and walk for about an hour and a half every day. Don’t worry. Today is a “walk-day.” I only run twice a week.

PERP 2: I’m disappointed, Dale. I brought my running shoes and shorts. I’m up for a run.

PERP 3: LAUGH; Well knock yourself out, Clyde. I’ll wait for you back here. The older I get the more careful I am about how I exercise.

PERP 2: No problem. I really didn’t want to run anyway; LAUGH

PERP 3: Let’s walk this way.

NOTE TO FILE: They deliberately walked towards the trees. Anticipate covert conversation/s.

PERP 2: Dale, Pastor Mortenson wants to meet with you and she’s planning a trip to Washington D.C. soon. We’re wondering if we can coordinate that with you. When do you plan to return to D.C.?

PERP 3: As a matter of fact, I will be there the week after next. And as usual I’ll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday; I think that’s June 26th and 27th.

PERP 2: Dale, I was wondering if you can switch your trip to Thursday and Friday, you know, to accommodate the pastor?

PERP 3: I wish I could, Clyde, but there is a very important reason why I always go on Tuesday and Wednesday. You see, I. . .


NOTE TO FILE: The two perps appeared to deliberately stand between 3 trees, so we had no line-of-sight for our scanners and directional microphones.

PERP 2: Oh, that makes perfect sense, Dale. I understand that. We will work around your dates.

NOTE TO FILE: Why did Perp #2 back off so quickly? Does Perp #3 have something over Perp #2?


PERP 2: Dale, may I ask you about your leaving the University?

PERP 3: Well, you know I didn’t leave, Clyde, don’t you? I was fired.

PERP 2: I know, Dale, I just didn’t want to say it that way. But from what I read there were some assertions of links to terrorism, weren’t there?

PERP 3: LAUGH; Calling me a terrorist was accurate. My focus has always been. . .


PERP 2: Dale, tell me about your men’s prayer meeting.

PERP 3: I’d love to. What do you want to know?

PERP 2: Well, first of all, how do you recruit men to participate and then keep coming back?

NOTE TO FILE: Check files for possible definition/s of code word “Prayer Meeting.”

PERP 3: The most critical point I’ve learned, Clyde, about getting men to enlist is that we are relational beings, contrary to modern psychobabble. When we pray together, I tell them to get into groups, but I let them get into and then lead their own prayer groups. I have found they return for more, because of the relationships they forge.

PERP 2: I’ve asked around and found that you have been successful recruiting women also. How?

PERP 3: You have done your homework, haven’t you, Clyde?

PERP 2: When you work where I do and for whom I do, you learn to be thorough. The women?

PERP 3: Yes, women have become an integral part of our mission. I confess I was reluctant to bring women into our group for a long time. But they do a great job and I’m proud to have them on the team. They can pray from a part of their gut men cannot. And they do spiritual warfare with an intensity and confidence I wish I had.

PERPS 2 & 3: Next 30 minutes miscellaneous discussions of nothing mission critical. See Transcripts B & C for exact details

Just to be thorough I checked the transcripts. Really, I just skimmed them. Then I went back to the pertinent documents and read the remaining transcript.

PERP 2: Dale, we are all interested in having some clout, if you will, in D.C., specifically on the Hill. How are we going to achieve it, some influence, I mean, and how can you help us there?

PERP 3: Good question, Clyde, because I want to make sure we get this absolutely, correct. Okay? If this part is handled incorrectly, every single trip I have made to the Hill will have been for nothing. And I’ve invested too much to see that happen.

NOTE TO FILE: Obvious agitation/excitement seen in both perps.

PERP 3: Regarding influence, control, power, authority, etc. I am very particular. I want. . .


NOTE TO FILE: Very odd that during these critical issues our line-of-sight was impaired. The complete answers we did get are in some sort of code. Their tradecraft was brilliantly executed.


According to Delta Airline, as of today, Dr. Dale is scheduled to be in D.C. Tuesday and Wednesday, June 26th and 27th. He is booked on DL#2638, arriving DCA 9:14 am

No flights yet for Perps #1 or #2

This subversive activity and relationship has to have been a very longtime in the making. Also, their tradecraft leads us to conclude they know they are being surveilled and are behaving as if they are “new-meets” just getting to know each other.


Days of Perp #3’s visits; Unknown, due to recording distortions. Why he is unswerving about those days, we do not know, but his reasoning is significant enough to cause Perps #1 & #2 to work around Perp #3

Terrorism Label; Unknown, due to recording distortions. But Perp 3 admits it fit him, even sounded like he was proud of the label

Purpose of Male & Female Recruitment: The real meanings of his words are still unknown, but both male and female are integral to operational success

Influence/Control: Unknown, due to recording distortions. We do not know the commitment made by Perp #3, but execution seems to be well underway and protected by Perp #3

I stood up looking out my window over the Mall. It was now completely dark except for the lights along the walkways.

I hated this. None of the conclusions from Homeland felt right, but what else could they be? To the best of my understanding there could be a serious breech already here or just around the corner.

NOTE TO FILE: I may have to reach out to the candidates. JJ

I sent an encrypted email to Pete:

Considering reaching out to the candidates. Do not; I repeat, DO NOT preempt me.


 Same Night, Atlanta GA

“Clyde, did you get all our questions answered?” I was a little calmer today than normal. For some reason I didn’t want to rip his head off.

“Yes, but let me begin with the travel plans. He can only go there June 26th and 27th.”

Even that disappointment didn’t bother me. And I could tell Clyde was surprised I didn’t yell at him. Something had come over me and I wasn’t sure what it was.

For the next hour, we walked through the questions and answers I was interested in. When we were done, I stuck out my hand, shook his, thanked him and then sent him on his way.

Okay, that I didn’t like. It was too, umm. . .nice. I was just getting ready to find a reason to call him back and yell at him when a voice inside me said, “Wait. . .patience. . .that’s my girl.”

It wasn’t the same voice which wanted me to yell at him, but it had the same feel as the masculine purring that had been coming over me more and more lately.

“Oh, yes, holy spirit. Whatever you say.”

 Same Night, FBI Headquarters Parking Lot

I was heading to my car when the crazy thought of asking for wisdom came into my head.

“God, my mom asks for wisdom for me all the time. Can You give that to me? Please? This Jude and Issy thing is driving me crazy and, well, I thought that since it has to do with Religious Consultants, that must be right up Your ally and You could help me, maybe, if You want to.”

After a couple steps I added, “Oh, Amen, over and out.”

I called my mom as I got closer to my car, “Hey, Mom. I just talked to God, I think.”

“Oh, Jacky, I am so glad. Oh honey, I have been praying for you to give your life over to Christ for so long. Tell me about it, please.”

“Umm, Mom, I have an important call coming in; I need to take it.” And I hung up on her.

That’s not what I expected from her. Then I wondered, “Is that Born-again stuff a prerequisite for talking to God?”