Join Mark and Common Thread Ministries as we continue the legacy of making Georgia the #MostPrayerFor state in the USA with the National Day of Prayer Task Force.


Last night was the Commissionsing ceremony for me to become the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer Task Force. What a sweet, spirit-filled time. A total of 23 men and women were on the phone from my pastor to my CTM board members, from two of my sisters to my wife to other State Coordinators in the Southeast.

One of my friends who was on the phone last night encouraged me to quantify and then “articulate early and often what anchors me.”

Out of that challenge came the acronym; R.E.S.T.





As I considered this acronym, I realized I have been doing this for over a decade. All of my prayer conference calls are set up with this focus, and every successful relationship I have has been based on this simple reality, namely, that we build relationships so we can encourage and serve others, and then, once in a while, when given permission, we tell people what we do and how they can participate.

Jesus was all about relationship, We ought to be also.

Whether your life and mine intersect with the National Day of Prayer, or Common Thread Ministries, would you be an encouragement by covenanting to pray for various future events?

  • I go to Washington D.C. each month to pray with our elected officials, my next visit is July 21-22
  • I’ll be speaking in south Georgia August 17-23
  • I’m the “off-site” prayer organizer for the “Come to Christ Crusade” October 4-8 in Pell City, Alabama

Be deliberate about developing relationships, so that you will be an encourager, serving when needed and then telling, when given the freedom, how others can particiapte.

I look forward to serving with all y’all.


Mark S Mirza
Common Thread Ministries/Founder
National Day of Prayer/Georgia State Coordinator

Our mission is to Rebuild the Foundations of Prayer (Psalm 11:3)

The National Day of Prayer exists to Mobilize Unified Public Prayer for America

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The video below is considered WAY TOO SIMPLE, when it comes to dealing with WORRY. . .but it works.