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Pastor Bill Villapiano of Faith Fellowship. “. . . Prayer is not new, nor should it grow old. Prayer is timeless.”
The article below “The Sixth Annual Prayer Zone Challenge” came from the Houston Herald. See below for its digital address.

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It’s from Houston County GA.
The photo came from Associational Missionary Gary Leutzinger.
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The sixth annual Prayer Zone Challenge –– an effort to pray for Texas County Schools –– has been announced for Aug. 20 inside Hiett Gymnasium.

Launched in the fall of 2011, the event rallies believers with an annual August service to begin the school year that includes every district in the county. The effort is hosted by the Houston Ministerial Alliance.

This year’s service will include worship by the praise team from Faith Fellowship. Pastor Cody Neugebaur of Souls Harbor Family Worship will deliver a message on prayer. To conclude the night, representatives from each of Texas County’s seven school districts –– Houston, Cabool, Licking, Raymondville, Summersville, Success and Plato –– as well as home schoolers will pray specifically for that community and its students.

The Prayer Zone Challenge isn’t a new endeavor in Texas County. But area pastors say it continues to be an incredibly important one.

“As with far too many things when the new wears off, we look for something else new and shiny,” said Pastor Bill Villapiano of Faith Fellowship. “We must not treat this effort in the same manner. Prayer is not new, nor should it grow old. Prayer is timeless.”

The 2017 Prayer Zone Challenge t-shirt is $10.

The effort crosses many different churches and denominations. The alliance itself consists of Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals and pastors from other backgrounds.

“Every person is needed at this rally,” said Pastor Todd Haley of Ozark Baptist. “As a community, we all desire to have our children, youth adult educators know how important they are to us. By coming together as a community, we send the message, “You are loved and cared for. You are important.”

A prayer guide with instructions about praying for schools will be handed out to those in attendance. New “Prayer Zone Partner” signs will also be available to pick up.

To assist in fundraising to purchase the signs and make them available for free, the Houston Ministerial Alliance designed prayer-themed T-shirts that can be purchased through local churches or the Houston Herald. They are $10 apiece and available in sizes youth small through adult 5XL.

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Read more: http://www.houstonherald.com/news/sixth-annual-prayer-zone-challenge-set-for-aug/article_94a1dd20-7b76-11e7-ae6e-130b789c3181.html#ixzz4pAH4qgpM

Read more: http://www.houstonherald.com/news/sixth-annual-prayer-zone-challenge-set-for-aug/article_94a1dd20-7b76-11e7-ae6e-130b789c3181.html#ixzz4p7pU3cVv


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