I do a number of weekly prayer conference calls. One of them is a women’s call at 6:45 am on Thursdays. One of the ladies on this particular call started telling the other women about my book.

“My daughter (who bought the book for me) called me and asked if I’d started reading it. Started reading it, I replied to her, I’ve already finished it! And I have to wait until Christmas for the next one to come out!”

We all laughed and then I asked her which character she liked the most. She thought about it and then said so sweetly, “Hael, the guardian angel.”

It was a very sweet time that we were experiencing just listening to her . . . and so I broke the “sweetness.” I told the other women on the phone, “The rest of the story.” You see most of these women are, well, they are maturer, I told them,

“Let me tell you why Pat likes Hael, it’s because he’s 9 foot tall, buffed and good looking!”

They all laughed and then Pat brought up a desire that Hael has, regarding Dr. Dale’s car. I won’t share that scene with you. You’ll have to get the book, read it and enjoy that scene yourself, but it is memorable.

My prayer partner and I were on the next prayer conference call before others were on and he said,

“Mark, before you got on that call Pat was just going on and on about your book. And then she said that she is already rereading it!”

I think I need to get Book 2, “Spiritual Warfare” done promptly.


Mark S Mirza