Dear Class:


Today we continued our study of the Book of Exodus with a focus on Exodus 5-10.  These chapters describe the confrontations between Moses and Pharaoh and the series of plagues that ultimately led to freedom for the Israelites.

Have you given much thought to just how powerful our God is?  Like me, it’s probably something about which you haven’t thought much about.  We know He’s the Uncreated Creator of the universe, we know He’s all-knowing, ever-present, and all-powerful.  But unless we experience an up close and personal display of His awesome power, it all seems kind of ordinary.

For me personally, one of the most potent displays of God’s awesome power is how He revealed Himself to me in a way that was so compelling that it literally changed my life and my eternal destination.  God spoke to my heart and said “You are mine, and you will glorify Me”.  Think about how many lives since God created mankind that He has similarly changed forever.  Left to our own devices, we will inevitably choose to ignore and disobey God.  But God has a plan for those He chooses, a plan that includes obedience to Him.  Such obedience is motivated by love for Him because He first loved us.  Now that’s real power!


Please note that next Sunday, Sept. 17, we will be led by Willie Hart as we continue our study of the Book of Exodus with a focus on Exodus 11:1-13:16.  Here we see profound significance in how God executed the 10th and final plague against Egypt which set His people free at last.


Special Note:

Please plan to attend our Fall Fellowship class event next Sunday in Lakeside Grill at 12:30 pm.  Our special guest speaker will be Patricia Holbrook – FBA choir member, author, speaker, and AJC columnist.