Dear Class:


Today we continued our study of the Book of Acts (Part 2) as we looked at Acts 17:16-18:23.  In these chapters we find Paul in the major Greek cities of Athens and Corinth where idolatry was widely practiced.  God provides Paul and the team the opportunity to witness about what the one true living God had done to provide salvation from the penalty for their sin – spiritual death and eternal separation from their creator.

Education is a useful thing.  It can have a positive effect on an individual’s future prospects as well as on the prospects of an entire society.  It has been responsible for great advancements in science and medicine as well as the eradication of widespread poverty.  But as with anything that man uses, it can also contribute to man’s estrangement from God.  When not applied as God intends, education can encourage man’s pride in himself as was the case with the first century Greeks to whom the Apostle Paul revealed the truth about their spiritual condition.

I consider myself to be fairly well educated but that has nothing to do with where I will spend eternity.  That has been determined by God’s grace and by my willingness to accept His amazing love gift.  It’s a gift I did not earn or deserve but which compels me to submit myself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the conviction, correction, guidance, and education of the Holy Spirit.


Please note that next Sunday, Jan. 21 is “Sanctity of Life Sunday”.  Willie Hart will be leading our study of Acts 16:16-19 and Psalm 39:16-19.   Our lesson focuses on the value of human life and how our God acknowledged that value by sacrificing Himself as the ultimate love offering for mankind.