Dear Class:


Today we began our study of the Book of Psalms with a focus on Psalm 1. From Genesis through Revelation the Bible speaks about two spiritual paths representing a critical decision for every person.  The writer of Psalm 1 likewise speaks of two ways: the way of the wicked and the way of the righteous.  Whether conscious of it or not, everyone makes a decision about which road on which to travel in life.

A question that occurred to me as I studied Psalm 1 Do I care more about pleasing other people than about pleasing God?  If we answer quickly, we’ll likely say no.  But after some honest self-evaluation we may have to admit that we care too much about pleasing others and not enough about pleasing God.  That’s probably because our relationship with God isn’t personal and intimate enough.

As the psalmist tells us in Psalm 1, those who are God-centered have learned and have assimilated it deep in their life, to draw upon the grace, glory and strength of God.  Like the tree in the psalm, their roots run deep into rich and moist soil, and this is what makes them beautiful and strong.  And they are fruitful: “that brings forth its fruit in its season”.  No doubt that’s a reference to the fruit of the Spirit, which is described for us in Gal. 5:22.


Please note that next Sunday, June 11, we will continue our study of the Book of Psalms as we consider Psalm 78.  This psalm is a teaching psalm which recalls the marvelous works of God on Israel’s behalf as well as the unfaithfulness of the people to God and His law.