All Night Prayer

All Night Prayer

Organizing All Night Prayer

The idea for All Night Prayer comes, in part from the numerous times Jesus prayed all night long. I think it also comes from the recognition that there are times when EXTRAORDINARY PRAYER is needed.

As we give you some simple tools to organize and put on your own “All Night Prayer” event, remember that we want you to use your own imagination. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. He will!

There is no “magic” about executing a succesful All Night Prayer (#AllNightPrayer). The few things we have gleaned over the years, I have shared in the bullet points below.

  • First, be specific about what you are praying into.
  • To help everyone stay on track, provide a list of prayer prompts with Scriptural backing.
  • If you are praying till 6:00am or 8:00am, we recommend that you begin at 10pm the night before.
  • Unless you’re fasting throughout the night, have a supply of sandwiches, drinks, fruit and snackfood.
  • Help people stay awake by sending them out 2×2, rather than alone.

As you do your first All Night Prayer event KEEP NOTES because you will pick up ideas which your team will want to incorporate into your next All Night Prayer event.


Below are 3 of our EARLY, All Night Prayer guides. I include them here so that you see, especially in the first 2, a specific program of study laid out for the whole night. The third one is very different, because that night of prayer was very different. Instead of the men being specificlly directed in their praying, we gave 3 very general subjects which the men worked from, studying scripture, and of course prayring, together.

You can download these if you want to, but remember, they are but a guide. The first two have copyrighted data from InTouch so give proper credit if you use them.

Each Prayer Guide is available in 2 downloadable formats. One is for you to print in booklet format and the other is for you to upload in single page format for viewing on your phone, tablet, etc.

Below these three sample prayer guides is an arrival handout. it’s value will be obvious.

Having an arrival handout is pretty self explanatory for those who are concerned about doing something outside their comfort zone.

Just click on the photo to view it then download it.




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