April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

My dad’s been in heaven for a few years now.

Between him and I, April fool’s day was a big deal. I have some GREAT memories of him getting me, and me getting him. And I’m unashamedly proud of us that for the last decade of his life, we decided that April 1st we would never talk to each other. We just couldn’t trust each other (LOL, that thought still makes me smile).

One year he got telephone calls all day long about the classified ad which told everyone he had to sell, immediately, his late model Cadillac for $500.

One year I was living in Denver CO. and he called that morning saying he and mom were flying out that day. I started to tell him all the great things we could do, when he said, “Mark, it’s April fool’s day.”
Ohhh, baby, that one hurt.

I look back at April 1st with fond memories of me and my dad.

Do me a favor, FOR ME AND MY DAD, go out and make a memory.