Celebrate Zebulon NDP

Celebrate Zebulon NDP

Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, this year, I am going to meet some GREAT people.

And it started today when I decided to begin these articles at THE END of the alphabet.

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let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

Zebulon, in Pike County, and Ben Maxedon

Ben is the County Coordinator for Pike county. And this is his 21st National Day of Prayer.
Here are the words he penned on his FB page on May 7th:

Yesterday we celebrated the 21st consecutive National Day of Prayer in Pike County. All those who participated in the service were awesome, as were all those who came out to join us and pray.

Pike County may be a small rural community, but we have some of the greatest spiritual servants you will find anywhere.

Thank you, Pike County, for making this a great place to live and raise a family.

I had a great time meeting Ben Maxedon over the phone yesterday.

This is one BUSY man . . . a busy and a humble man.

When you look at his website (www.prayerpower4u.net) you will find great tools which he uses, “To be the predominant spiritual resource in the community,” which is his Ministry Vision, and which it sounds like he is accomplishing.

He started Prayer Power of Georgia in 2007 and says he does 99% of his work in Pike County.

He is a veteran, a chaplain, prays at the County Board of Commisioner’s meetings, the County School Board meetings and for the last few years has hosted the Pike County Baccalaureate, for all schools in the county, public, private, Christian and home-school, so the public school doesn’t have to host a “religious” event.

For the last 10 years he has also recorded 2, 1 minute insperational recordings every day for a radio station. Let me think, twice a day for 10 years (365 x 10 x 2). Not enough fingers, I think it’s well over 7,000, 1 minute insperational recordings.

When I asked him about the ministers in the county he again, very humbly, shared with me that a few years ago he started a ministerial association which meets monthly.

If I didn’t already love the guy by now, the following confession from him solidified it for me. A few years ago he started the Prayer Guardians which not only prays for every elected official from POTUS to the local dog-catcher (he didn’t say it that way, those are my words to make the point he prays for EVERY elected official). But he also sends them prayer cards every single month so they know he’s praying for them.

I love the commitment from this man.

What an exciting and humbling interview.

And did I tell you he is humble? That too came across on our call. The man was not comfortable talking about himself.

We have got some GREAT NDP Coordinators!

Lord, thank You for leaders like Ben, who simply want to serve You by being the Aaron and Hur in men and women’s lives around Pike county.

You can get to his website by clicking on his photo or going here:






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