Pastor Conference Calls

Pastor Conference Calls


Every Wednesday at 2pm (Eastern)
Call In: (605) 313-5086
Access Code: 347361#

One Tap Call Format:  +16053135086,,347361#

I also do one-on-one praying with men (usually taking 15 minutes per week). I have a number of pastors who have been praying with me for 7, 8, and 9 years. One pastor and I have been praying together since mid 2011. We come together week after week and use the same simple format.

We pray as follows . . .

  • FIRST: We Praise
  • SECOND: We Pray for Your Family
  • LAST: We Pray for Your Ministry

I asked D.L. from Duluth why he has prayed with me since June 29th, 2015, week after week after week. He paused and said, “Mark, I figure that an investment of 15 minutes a week for my ministry is worth it.”

Any questions contact me.

Mark Mirza
C: (404) 606-2322

Conference Call Praying

Conference Call Praying


My Dear Pray-ers,


Lets Talk about Conference Call Praying:

You may see how LONGGGGGGGGG this post is and not want to read it in its entirety. So, look at the bullet points below, and go to the one/s you want (then come back later and read the rest of them). But take a moment to scan them and choose your focus:

  • I Want to Participate
  • What is a Prayer Conference Call
  • How Are They Organized
  • Are There Some Fun Insights
  • Tell Me About Family Growth
  • Who is Bro. Bill
  • Testimonials
  • Our Facebook Page

I Want to Participate


Let’s start here, with the Men’s calls or the Women’s calls.

We also have prayer conference calls specifically for Pastors, National of Prayer, etc.

Have you considered praying for your county? We can help you with that.

Call me and we can discuss (404) 606-2322

What is a Prayer Conference Call

Basically, Conference Call Praying is akin to the Old Fashioned Cottage Prayer Meetings.
– People gathering to pray, who have like minded burdens.

Many of you know my prayer partner, Don Harrington, who is now in heaven. He and I started these, so we could encourage others into prayer, who wanted to pray, but needed a little, “nudge.”

We became a pair of “Nudgers.” But I’ll be honest with you, in the early days of this ministry, there were LOTS OF CALLS, I just didn’t want to get on. The only reason I did, was because I knew Don would be on the call and I didn’t want him on the call alone.

Back then we worked up to about 30 calls per week, now the number is closer to 55.

I often told Don I wanted him to have an influence for 20 years on these calls.

And you know what? He will.

How Are They Organized

Our prayer times are “loosely” organized into:

– Praising the Lord
– Praying for Family, and
– Praying for our church/ministry

But sometimes the organization changes.
This 1 minute video shows you how it changed.
– Praising the Lord!
– I define the difference in Praising and Thanking as, “Praising is Him centered whereas Thanking is me centered.”

Can you imagine an entire 15 minutes Praising God? It was, and still is, phenomenal!

Every, repeat, EVERY Prayer Conference Call is different!

Are There Some Fun Insights

Fun and Incredible Insights!

Listening to people pray gives us the opportunity pick up phrases we’ve never heard before, some are funny, and some are profound:

– Plow one row at a time
– Some people read faster than others
– Thank You Lord for people lifting my burdens, sometimes they are so heavy I cannot lift them myself
– Prayer is like taking out the garbage. . .you know when you haven’t
– We do not seek Him for His will, because it may not be ours
– Prayer is not for God to fix your wants, remember, He already has you where He wants
– We pray to God for revival, and to plow, and to plant, and to weed. . .but isn’t that our job
– If you want to learn to pray, get around people who pray
– Why praise? Because, if you know who He is, you’ll know what He does
– God doesn’t need your advice
– We are so immersed in God’s grace, we shallowly understand His mercy

Tell Me About Family Growth

And believe me, our family is now larger.

The other thing that I find fascinating is how our family has grown. And when I say, “our” I mean not only my prayer partner and I. But the people on the calls too!

It’s the most amazing thing to me, not only are the different calls with different people, well, different, but often the calls from week-to-week with the same people are different. It is incredibly exciting!

Please take the time to read the article where I am a bit transparent and talk about how this “family meeting” or “family reunion,” as it was called, helped me get a sense of what it will be like to meet Jesus. It completely surprised me! To read my post you can click on the photo above or CLICK HERE.

Who is Brother Bill

I have no idea!

But since we were speaking of family, let me tell you what I do know about him.

First, he has been in heaven for several years.

Second, I met him through our Monday, Wednesday, Friday Men’s Conference Calls. In fact, we all got to know Bill through these calls. We all miss him and we often pray that the Lord would re-hear Bill’s prayers, his prayers for his family, for his friends, for his pastor and for his church.

But let me tell you the rest of the story.

None of us had ever met Bill!

Somehow he got onto our calls.

Do you see what that means? It means the FIRST-TIME we will see Bill face-to-face, will be alongside Christ when we cross over Jordan.


Conference Call Prayer Testimonials.

These have come from pastors, housewives, old folks, young folks, everyone:
– Divine Dynamic
– To Pray with and FOR Others is Wonderful
– Praying with other pastors helps me rest in the Lord
– Priceless
– I look forward to the call
– I was scared, but after a few calls I began to pray
– Wow
– Incredibly grateful for the impact on our ministry
– These prayer calls are a life-line to our souls

The testimonials above are but snippets.  CLICK HERE for their word-for-word comments.

Our Facebook Page

Conference Call Praying Facebook Page

We have a Facebook page dedicated to Conference Call Praying. Admittedly, we haven’t used it much, but we need to start using it again.

Join us.

Not-so-surprisingly, it is found at: “Common Thread Ministries – Conference Call Praying” CLICKING HERE should get you to the page as well as clicking on the photo above.




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Conference Call Praying Testimonials

Conference Call Praying Testimonials

This is really good!

I am reviwing it in June 2021. It’s really good!

The testimonials below are from men and women that Don Harrington (my prayer partner) and I pray with nearly every week.

These testimonials have been kept nearly word-for-word what they wrote. I merely made the format the same as the first testimonial received, for consistency. My direction to each of them was as simple as: “I’m writing an article on Conference Call Praying. Can you email me a testimonial?”

These men and women range from pastors to retired laymen to currently employed corporate employees.

Then these testimonials were placed in the order received.

The Testimonials:

Praying with other pastors is a powerful experience, and we servants of God are called to be individuals who pray.  Every one of us recognizes the importance of prayer not only for our congregations, but also for one another.  Here is the problem.  Not always is it possible to find a way to gather in a single place to make that happen.


Logistically that was almost impossible to do; that is unless you dial into the 2 pm pre-arranged prayer conference call that happens every Wednesday at 2 pm started and sponsored by Common Thread Ministries, and hosted by Mark Mirza.  Pastors from wherever Mark has ministered get to pray together over the telephone.


I’ve prayed with pastors that most likely I will never meet face to face.  We’ve prayed for our churches sure, but also for each other.  It is wonderful to hear a brother in Christ who you’ve never met lift up your family or your church in prayer.  There is a common bond that takes place, and when some pastoral duty prevents me from participating I miss out on the “Divine dynamic” that happens among us.  Sometimes we pray together for just a few minutes.  At other times it’s longer depending on how many have connected, but regardless of how long we pray there is always God’s presence with us.  I love every time I get to join others in prayer because I believe prayer is the catalyst that allows God to put into motion His will for our lives and those He has entrusted into our hands.  Thanks Mark for using the technology that is available to expand our circles of prayer to other pastors we may never meet this side of Glory.

Warren Was  Senior pastor, Luxomni Baptist Church, Lilburn, Georgia

As Pastor Mark frequently states each prayer call is different; l can personally attest to that statement. I’ve only been acquainted with these prayer conference calls since January 1, 2017. I am a person who loves prayer BUT these prayer calls have opened up so many grand opportunities for me to pray with and personally get to know more of my Christian family. It is one thing to say your prayers alone, but to be given the opportunity to pray with and for others is wonderful.  The Bible gives us reason to pray with one another:


Mathew 18:19 (NET) “Again, I tell you the truth, if two of you on earth agree about whatever you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.”


Although there are times that we come together petitioning Him, there are times that we are only giving God all of the praise that is due Him, and on what I consider really special calls, we find ourselves in awe and stillness, completely quiet before the Lord. Although we may be miles apart, God in His Almighty way pulls us close together and allows us to enjoy His Sweet Presence. You never know what the next call will be like, BUT you always know that God is there!

Phyllis Perry

I have found conference call praying very beneficial in my daily walk with Jesus. It gives me an opportunity to pray with other Pastors and hear their concerns.

Chuck Yzenski  Senior pastor, Lovely Grove Baptist Church, Eastman, Georgia

Though I don’t make it every week, the Pastor’s Prayer time conference call helps me to “rest in the Lord.” The few minutes we spend together praying helps me to slow down and to calm down. This time together with other pastor’s is a great time of encouragement and blessing for me. It is an honor to pray for my brothers and humbling when they pray for me.

Jim Pitt  Senior pastor, Morven Baptist Church, Morven, Georgia

Conference Call prayer with brother Mark and other godly believers has been a real blessing for us. The most encouraging aspect of this kind of prayer is to know that other believers are interceding on our behalf for our walk with the Lord, our family, our ministry, and our church. To have dedicated and devoted prayer warriors lifting up your hands before the throne of God to praise Him and to help deliver your pleas and petitions is priceless. We look forward to our conference call prayer time each and every week!

Pastor Todd and Mistie Coble, Senior pastor and wife, Covenant Baptist Church, Braseton, Georgia

I never knew how important it is to pray with others until I started the corporate prayer calls through Mark and Common Threads Ministry. I started calling in with my church for 15 minutes once a week. This call really helped me. It was on Mondays so it helped set up my week and I looked forward to the call. Mark told me about a men only call he did 3 times a week and asked me to join when I felt comfortable. I was a bit apprehensive knowing the call was 30 minutes in length. At first I was a little intimidated, but after a few calls, I began to pray. This call has become a habit and I look forward to every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is an honor and a blessing to pray with these men, praise God and pray for ministries while lifting up our families and praying for each other. Corporate prayer calls are food for my soul

Derrick Lewis

It is such a blessing to be on the weekly prayer calls with Brother Mark Mirza and Brother Don Harrington.  As I pray with my brothers in Christ, I am reminded sometimes of James 5:16.  This verse says, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”   It is such a blessing to be on the weekly prayer calls with Brother Mark Mirza and Brother Don Harrington.  As I pray with my brothers in Christ, I am reminded sometimes of James 5:16.  This verse says, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


Confessing our faults as sinners “one to another” and praying “one for another” is commanded here in James 5:16. Why should we pray in this way?  “That ye may be healed.”    After praying in this way is when I feel “healed” and know God is near and present.  Healing also means restore, rebuild, make well and reconcile.  I feel those things, and it is because of prayer and through prayer reaching the throne of our Savior and King.  The reason I know that our prayer reaches the throne of our Heavenly Father is because of his Son, Jesus Christ.  Accepting Jesus as Savior means that his righteousness is imputed to all who accept Jesus as Savior.  That means that the “fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  AMEN!!! What truth!  I believe this because God’s Word says it!


My wife lost her stepfather this past March.  It was a difficult time for my wife and her mother.  My wife’s biological father died when she was a baby.  The only father figure she had growing up was her stepfather.  My wife, her mother and our family went through a very difficult time.  I shared this burden with Brother Mark and Brother Don.  It was such a blessing to listen to Brother Mark’s and Brother Don’s prayers as they lifted up my wife and mother-in-law in prayer.


God was able to use Brother Mark’s ministry in a very unique way to minister to family when we lost my wife’s stepfather. My daughter, Briley, won an essay contest that led to a bill being passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Deal on Monday, May 8th.  It so happened that my family and I were driving up to the capital in Atlanta during the time of my church’s weekly prayer call with Brother Mark and Brother Don.  Well, you know with all this automotive technology, I was able to connect the prayer call on my cell phone through the speakers in our Tahoe while traveling to Atlanta.  My whole family could hear the prayer call.  That was cool!  My mother-in-law was also with us in the Tahoe driving up for the bill signing ceremony.  My wife and her mother received such a blessing listening to Brother Mark and Brother Don lift them up in prayer.  I remember Brother Mark telling my mother-in-law, over those loud speakers in our Tahoe, “Faye, I want you to know that we have been praying for you” and then she listened to Brother Mark, Brother Don and I pray for her and my family.  My mother-in-law was excited about seeing her granddaughter’s bill get signed by the Governor that day but that prayer call touched her more than the bill signing ceremony.


She will always remember these two strangers she has never met praying for her through our Tahoe’s speaker system while driving on I-16 to Atlanta, Georgia on a Monday morning in May.  Wow! What a blessing my wife and mother-in-law received that day!

Brandon L. Braddy, Mount Vernon Georgia

Partnering with Common Ground Ministries and Mark Mirza was one of the best decisions we have made for our ministry Spiritual Innovations and my family the past 2 years. To have regular, faithful and passionate prayer going on has proven to be not only incredibly encouraging, but powerful and effective for all we have been given to do for the Lord.


Writing it reminded me how incredibly GRATEFUL we are to have this opportunity & what a tremendous impact it has had on us and our ministry. 🙂

Bryan Davidson, Spiritual Innovations Ministry, Roswell Georgia

We are deeply grateful for the prayer ministry of Mark Mirza and his team. These consistent weekly prayer calls are a lifeblood for our lives, family and the ministry of Spiritual Innovations. It means more than words to have this covering and under-girding in the midst of serving on the front lines. We have seen God move mightily as a direct result of these prayer times!

Amber Davidson, Spiritual Innovations Ministry, Roswell Georgia

Mark and Don have been meeting with me on Monday mornings for prayer for a couple of years, no charge! I’m humbled with their kind and genuine interest. And my life is strengthened by the intercession. I’m not an expert with prayer. Sometimes I get a bit lazy, which I think is part of the strategy of the Enemy. This helps me set priorities for the week. We talk with the Father about stuff in my church, and in my life. Some of it is a bit messy. And a few things I don’t tell these guys about, but wait and share alone with God. Still, they’ve helped to prime the pump. I’m very grateful to be mentored in prayer in such a neat way.

David Lyle, Senior pastor, Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, Duluth, Georgia

Each Wednesday, at 11 in the morning, Mark Mirza and his team spend time praying for my church, First Baptist of Pembroke, Georgia.  I join them whenever I am available at that time, as does one dear lady in my church.  It is one of the best fifteen minute periods of my week.  Even when I am not able to join the conference call, I know that someone is praying for us.   Each Wednesday, at 11 in the morning, Mark Mirza and his team spend time praying for my church, First Baptist of Pembroke, Georgia.  I join them whenever I am available at that time, as does one dear lady in my church.  It is one of the best fifteen minute periods of my week.  Even when I am not able to join the conference call, I know that someone is praying for us.


Then at 2 pm on Wednesdays, a small group of pastors from across the state join with Mark and his team for another time of prayer. Again, it is often the highlight of my week as I pray along with brothers in Christ, many of whom I’ve never met.


I would encourage you to join us each Wednesday afternoon for this prayer time.  It will make a great impact on your life. I know it has mine.

Brad Butler, Senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Pembroke, Georgia

I can’t wait till 8:15 every Thursday, our scheduled weekly time.


Praying together, sharing together, and lifting our hearts to God has made my walk with the Lord one of peace, understanding, and filled with joy. On the call, it feels as if we are gathered together, even though we are physically hours apart.


Consistently we praise the Lord, pray for our families, pray for each other, and then our church. This praying together has answered one question for me. Does God answer prayer? YES!


Thank you Mark for your guidance, perseverance, and commitment to our time each week.

Reid Oates, Metter Georgia




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