Declaration of Independence FROM God

Tomorrow, at Mount Tabor Baptist church in Duluth I am honored to be able to speak on the day we celebrate our independence as a nation.

There are lots of wonderful anecdotes I will bring out of famous preachers who were heroes during the war for independence as well as families of great means and what they were pledging by signing the declaration. But I will also bring up heroes we rarely hear about like one African American patriot who rode in the same night as Paul Revere.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I hope that you have the opportunity to listen in or come back to this post where I will tag/link the video.

But do not miss my real focus, because I want to speak on the subject that was coined by my friend Daniel Henderson when he said, “Prayerlessness is our Declaration of Independence from God.”

Listen in as I try to encourage how you can turn that around.

And praise the Lord, He is a merciful God who gives many, many 2nd chances.