DC Fitbit Steps

DC Fitbit Steps


I’ll be in Washingto DC Tuesday and Wednesday, July 20th and 21st.

JOIN OUR CONTEST: The State of Mark’s Steps

If you can guess the number of #Fitbit steps I’ll take, you will win my novel, Divided Together.

I’m charging my Fitbit now, tomorrow morning when I get up I’ll puit it on, and Wednesday when I return, the moment I walk in the house I’ll take it off and whoever was the closest I will send my novel to.

Here’s some help:

  1. In DC, I never take the elevator.
  2. Guess as many times as you want.
  3. Check my website for updates of my #DCSteps.

That’s right, throughout the day I will update my step-count.

You heard me right, I will give you a steady report of the “State-of-Mark’s-Steps.”

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DC Fitbit Steps

Celebrate 2020???


I know, you think I’m crazy. But this one isn’t my fault. I was praying with a pastor friend of mine last Wednesday and he started sharing these blessings from 2020 with me. Most of what follows is from his little church, just west of Valdosta (Thanks Jim).

-We did ministry, 20 events, in 2020
-We did baptisms
-We shared the gospel
-Our food ministry continued
-We encouraged folks and gave them hope
-We improved FB live
-Our church gave special Christmas cards to people we normally would not have
-Awana was done around the table, in homes and blessed entire families
-We encouraged worship leaders to stick with it
-Our online expertise has grown
-We sent backpacks to other towns
-Operation Christmas Child was another success



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DC Fitbit Steps

DC Jan 26 2021


I decided that what I saw ALL DAY, wasn’t “sobering” as much as it was “disappointing.”

But I don’t want us to go off on to politics!

AIl day, I talked, albeit briefly, with a bunch of military police and Guardsmen and women and a few of the Capitol Police, who were just inside the perimeter barriers at our nation’s capital.

A number of them were skeptical when I started to talk, but every one of them was appreciative that there’s some wacko-guy praying for them. And many of them were surprised.

I didn’t hand out as many prayer cards as I normally do (you can find this month’s at MarkMirza.com/politics), but that’s okay, my job was to encourage today.

After walking the perimeter, I was back to where I started this morning, at the Capitol South METRO station.

There is a very high-end lunch room across the street from the Cannon HOB, and as I walked by I said hello to two “suits” who were standing in front. I was on my way to the Thai restaurant, looking buttressed to the hot Lemon Grass Soup, but I turned around and went back to them. I reached into my pocket (which startled them) and gave them each a prayer card letting them know what I do every month and that I was praying for them now. I took one step away and then turn around and corrected that. I said, “I’ll pray for you two AFTER I pray for our men and women in uniform,” which both of them appreciated.

I am telling you friends, we are missing the opportunity to encourage people by taking a few minutes and praying with them, for them, etc.

Have you been on any of my 15-minute prayer conference calls? Then you need to try it and see how easy and simple it is. Just go to my website (MarkMirza.com). The homepage has the details for men’s calls and for women’s calls.

But I want you to do more than that. I want you to pray with me or some of my groups for a while, maybe a year or year-and-a-half and then YOU-TAKE-ON two or three people that you will pray with.

Amazingly, it is the opportunity that we have TO ENCOURAGE, simply by praying for people, that keeps blowing my mind . . . and I’ve been doing this for over a decade!

Won’t you participate, join in, check it out? Just go to my website scroll down and you’ll see the details for our weekly prayer conference calls. You don’t even have to pray. Just listen!
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DC Fitbit Steps

Why Covid Why


Do you know that God sees a BIGGER picture of Covid 19 than we do?
Of course you know that.

If you believe God is sovereign, have you considered ALL THE THINGS God is accomplishing thru C19?
-Just look at all the areas in your life, impacted since early 2020.
-Look at how much of the world has been touched by it.

You know, what is going on isn’t all “bad.”
-Families have been stuck together, and MANY have weathered it well.
-Ministries have stepped out of the box, so they can do ministry better.
-Businesses have become much more efficient.

And, of course, there has been a lot of “bad” stuff too.
-Many folk’s families have been irreparably changed.
-Lots of businesses have closed down forever.

May I put a different “spin” on the deaths which have occurred from the CORONAVIRUS?
-Simply put, I believe God is using this as a time to take people home to HIM.

I know your question. You are grumpy at God asking HIM, “Why, Lord. Why did You Take my loved one?”

Let me lovingly remind you that NOTHING takes God by surprise.
-That HIS will is not always our will.
-That HIS way is not always our way.
-That HE is big enough to handle your grumpiness.

But, ALWAYS remember, because God loves us we trust HIM.
-In my latest novel, Divided Nation, all the characters (except the villains), repeat this and find peace from it, “Because God loves us we trust HIM.”

I would simply add this, “Why belongs to God.” Don’t get cranked up trying to figure out the “whys.”

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