Celebrate 2020???

Celebrate 2020???


I know, you think I’m crazy. But this one isn’t my fault. I was praying with a pastor friend of mine last Wednesday and he started sharing these blessings from 2020 with me. Most of what follows is from his little church, just west of Valdosta (Thanks Jim).

-We did ministry, 20 events, in 2020
-We did baptisms
-We shared the gospel
-Our food ministry continued
-We encouraged folks and gave them hope
-We improved FB live
-Our church gave special Christmas cards to people we normally would not have
-Awana was done around the table, in homes and blessed entire families
-We encouraged worship leaders to stick with it
-Our online expertise has grown
-We sent backpacks to other towns
-Operation Christmas Child was another success



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Celebrate 2020???

Why Covid Why


Do you know that God sees a BIGGER picture of Covid 19 than we do?
Of course you know that.

If you believe God is sovereign, have you considered ALL THE THINGS God is accomplishing thru C19?
-Just look at all the areas in your life, impacted since early 2020.
-Look at how much of the world has been touched by it.

You know, what is going on isn’t all “bad.”
-Families have been stuck together, and MANY have weathered it well.
-Ministries have stepped out of the box, so they can do ministry better.
-Businesses have become much more efficient.

And, of course, there has been a lot of “bad” stuff too.
-Many folk’s families have been irreparably changed.
-Lots of businesses have closed down forever.

May I put a different “spin” on the deaths which have occurred from the CORONAVIRUS?
-Simply put, I believe God is using this as a time to take people home to HIM.

I know your question. You are grumpy at God asking HIM, “Why, Lord. Why did You Take my loved one?”

Let me lovingly remind you that NOTHING takes God by surprise.
-That HIS will is not always our will.
-That HIS way is not always our way.
-That HE is big enough to handle your grumpiness.

But, ALWAYS remember, because God loves us we trust HIM.
-In my latest novel, Divided Nation, all the characters (except the villains), repeat this and find peace from it, “Because God loves us we trust HIM.”

I would simply add this, “Why belongs to God.” Don’t get cranked up trying to figure out the “whys.”

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Celebrate 2020???

Transfer of Power DIDN’T

Transfer of Power . . . DIDN’T

This is a harsh reality for BOTH Democrats and Republicans.
-My Republican friends think they lost power and my Democrat friends think they gained power!

-Get your minds beyond that “harsh-reality” and onto this reality: God’s Throne is above the heavens and HE is still Sovereign OVER ALL (Psalm 103:19).
-If the Bible is true, God remains in power!!!

After all, who is it that raises up leaders? And who puts them down?
-Why God of course! (Daniel 2:21; Romans 13:1)

What does the evil one do?
What is his claim to fame?
DECEPTION: John 8:44b, “. . . there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies.”
-ALL HE DOES IS deceive you into focusing on his faux, his fake, his ererroneous, “harsh-reality.”

Do you want a “TRICK” for getting your mind beyond this “harsh-reality?”

It’s simple . . . probably too simple for many of you.

But here it is:

Simply, thank the Lord for remaining in control.
-(It’ll help you sleep better at night?)


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Celebrate 2020???

sataN Does Not Care

sataN doesn’t care about Democrats or Republicans.

Instead, he’d rather deceive you into taking your attention OFF the Lord.

How do you know if you’re being deceived?
-Take a look at Romans 8:6. A simple, yet profound application is: If you DON’T HAVE PEACE. You AIN’T Focusing on the things of the Spirit.

Quit reading Scripture to confirm how WRONG people “out yonder” are.
-Instead, let Scripture direct you to trust Him, in the midst of tensions.

Quit focusing on who’s right and who’s wrong!!!

Finally, how should you respond to people who are attacking you?



(See also: https://markmirza.com/transfer-of-power-didnt/)

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