Prayer Basics-Fasting

Prayer Basics-Fasting

Donuts and a Grumpy Deacon

I don’t want to overwhelm you with the theology of fasting. It is sufficient to remind you that scripture says, “When You Fast, NOT If You Fast.”

In my short video I’ll talk about 2 dozen donuts and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Below the video I have a short story about, Bill, a GRUMPY deacon.

If you haven’t alread done so, CLICK BELOW for the short video on FASTING.

The Video’s Points:

  1. Everyone can fast (confirm with your doctor first).
  2. Consider your length of fast.
  3. Watch as you become more sensitized to the Holy Spirit.

Not all of you are comfortable fasting. That’s completely understandable.

A Grumpy Deacon

I’ll never forget, Bill, a pastor/deacon.

We were at a large, multi-day denominational event where I was holding a fast during the lunch hour. I said, “Bill, (not his real name) come to our ‘fasting-luncheon’ today.”

He responded, “Oh, no, no, no. I have to eat!” And then he looked at the words that snuck out of his mouth and spent the next 30 minutes trying to reel them back in.

Too late! He’s a sermon illustration!

If you’re hoping I’ll be real profound and convince you to fast, that ain’t gonna happen.

Try fasting, you’ll like it. You will, I promise.




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