God Smacked Me

God Smacked Me

Two days ago I posted the following:
… and I think God Smacked Me, for my irreverence.

Today, I stopped at Britt David Baptist in Columbus. A good friend of mine, Tim Jones is the pastor there.

Tim and I pray every week and have been for over a year.

I tell folks about Tim’s church this way. . .
–As Southern Baptists we regularly do something for 4 weeks, once in awhile for 8 weeks, and if we’re REALLY HOLY, we’ll do it for 12 weeks.
–Well, over 2 years ago, Tim started a daily prayer meeting. It continues today, with very few interruptions.
–So, today I joined them, and that’s where God Smacked Me. He made it clear that there are LOTS OF OLD. . . Older Folks I can pray with.

Let me tell your what I told Pastor Tim. “That was sweet, Tim. Really sweet.”

And it was!

Successful-ongoing-prayer is not oxymoronic.

When we were done praying, one of the men assured us up in song. Speaking of men, did you notice how many attended?