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Book Cover to Divided NationWhat if the USA Experienced Christian Persecution

I started this novel in January 2020. I had no idea how soon we would be here! Where are we? We are at a place where REAL Christian Persecution could be just around the corner in the USA.

You’ll find that this novel may anger you, perhaps scare you, but for sure, ENCOURAGE you, even in the midst of persecution.

It’s a novel, but soon it may be history.

The evil one’s role is to decieve, right? Then expect him to want you to “sleep” when it comes to potential persecution which this novel reveals.

Will you like this novel? Let me give some responces from close friends who have read portions of it.

“Mark, I’m not going to like this book, am I?”

“This is disturbing. It has made me reevaluate what I see going on in our nation.”

“I am so glad you dotted the novel with, ‘Because God loves us, we trust Him.’ I’ve always known this Mark, but in the midst of this novel, you made it real in my life.”

“Thank you Mark, I never considered going through persecution, turning the other cheek.”


The Pray-ers

3 Prayer Heroes, in

3 Historic Eras, on

2 Continents.

1 Nine-Foot Tall Angel, and

A Host of Demons

The Johnstown Tragedy

Worst Tragedy on US Soil till 9/11

2/3 of the Book are Newspaper Clippings

1/3 is Backstory from an Angel

See God in the midst of tragedy, as our angel describes death during this historic event.

Divided Together


An unexpected Villain

Some Romance

Thesis: Our Unity is in Christ, not the Ballot Box

Divided Nation

Christians accidently spread the next pandemic and within a few weeks the New York Times dubs them “Public Enemy #1.” It’s a novel about Christian PERSECUTION in the USA. You might be surprised by the perspective.

Divided Mission

If we are in the Last Days, why do we Christians suffer from a Divided Mission?

Coming soon. Mark wrote this novel in 6 days (and it’s now in the editing process).




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