Prayer Basics-Intimacy With God

Prayer Basics-Intimacy With God

Does Intimacy With God Make Sense?

In Dr. Charles F. Stanley’s Life Principles Bible, his very first life principle is:

  • Intimacy with God, His highest priority for your life, determines the impact of your life.

In my short video I’ll talk about hindrances to intimacy, and give you a vivid picture of why you can trust Him.

CLICK BELOW and watch the short video on INTIMACY WITH GOD.

The Video’s Points:

Sometimes the Pictures YouTube grabs are just embarrassing!

  1. After 50 years of ministry, Dr. Charles F. Stanley makes “Intimacy with God,” preeminent.
  2. People are lukewarm because they do not communicate with Him.
  3. And they do not communicate with Him because they do not trust Him.

Did you like that visual?

Thousands of angels are worshiping God, calling out His name,and what does he do?

He inclines His ear to listen TO YOU!

How amazing is that?

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