Speaker Johnson

Speaker Johnson

Mike Johnson is a Good Man


There are 2 reasons for this post, so, let me begin with a HUGE ENCOURAGEMENT.

I don’t have to tell you who said, who says, and who will keep saying, “Mike Johnson is a good man,” because you’ll know by the end of this post.


Let me tell you about this email.

I’m recording it here, this weekend’s email, the same way it is recorded in my Washington DC Trip Report at: MarkMirza.com/washington-dc-visit-october-2023/ which means it is recorded without names. . .

A friend of mine, who I admit, I’ve not prayed WITH, very often (only because he is so busy) just put his name in the hat for Speaker of the House. I emailed him the following, through his scheduler, who we’ll call “Sam” though that’s not her real name.


This is Mark Mirza. I’m the one who pesters you every month about praying with the Congressman when I’m in town.

Would you please forward this email to Congressman So-And-So? I know he’s got a lot going on, as do you, so I’ll keep this as short as I can:

Congressman, I’ve been praying about the Speaker situation and was very glad to see that you put your name in the hat.

I was up much of the night last night and this morning praying for you and was reminded of a free booklet that is available from my website. It is a modernized version of a 1656 sermon on how to vote.

1656 England was very divided, much like the USA is today. And in this wonderful little sermon, the pastor gives us a number of interesting perspectives on how to vote.

Let me just share with you the portion on WHOM TO CHOOSE. They fit you to a T, sir.
–Look for the fear of God in those you choose.
–Look for wisdom and proper gifts.
–Inquire whether they are Christians.
–Look for courage and resoluteness.
–Find purposeful focus on the nation’s public affairs.
–Choose those who have healing spirits.
–Look for a desire to serve.
–Find those faithful to ministers and to the ministry of the gospel.

Please know that I’m honored to pray for you, sir.
Thanks Sam. BTW, if you or Congressman So-And-So want this sermon you can download it free at MarkMirza.com/Politics

When Congressman Mike Johnson was elected Speaker of the House on the first ballot, I wasn’t surprised. This is a good man, who is a solid Christian.


Now the 2nd reason for this post.

Actually, let me begin my warning with a quote from a Congressman this morning, “We (and I think he meant, the USA), we don’t deserve Mike Johnson.” So, first and foremost, let me tell you, my email above stands as “true to the truth” as I could ever make it, and I have no doubt Congressman Mike Johnson will lead the House of Representatives the way he believes is best for the USA.

Having said that, let me give us a . . . WARNING, WARNING, WARNING. . .

I believe God has been merciful to us in the USA, ONE MORE TIME!

And I believe His mercy is UNCONDITIONAL!

FURTHERMORE, He has freely given us everything we need for life and for godliness.

The question is, how will we respond to His mercy? Will we put our ONGOING, CONTINUED, FUTURE trust in Him, or in man?

I’m glad I’m not God, because I would be sitting in heaven and I’d probably turn to Michael the Archangel and say, “Michael, watch these foolish Christians in the USA. I just showed them mercy, and watch, they will immediately turn to trust themselves, instead of me.”

I think God would further say (if I were God). . . “Look at them, Michael, now that they got into office someone they wanted and needed, they have stopped praying.”

To confirm this (if I were God), I’d ask the angel in charge of counting the prayer bowls, for daily totals. I’m sure I’d find that once “Mike Johnson, the good man,” was voted in, the prayers stopped.

Let me get back to my WARNING, WARNING, WARNING. . .

And it is the same warning for Christians and non-Christians and democrats and republicans and independents and atheists and agnostics. . .


Let me tell you what I believe Mike Johnson would ask you. He would ask, “Are you putting your trust in man or in God?”

As a prayer disciplor for over 15 years, let me ask, “HOW CAN YOU KNOW in whom you are trusting???”

BEFORE YOU ANSWER, put your pride aside.

Fortunately, the answer is very simple, maybe too simple.

Are you ready?

Here it is . . .

Are you now, after the fact, fervently praying?


Are you?

Friends, God has demonstrated MERCY, one more time, so, pray, please, pray!



[Photo Credit; Photo by Nexstar Media Inc; The Hill: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/4275029-five-things-to-know-about-rep-mike-johnson/]




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