April NDP Emails

April NDP Emails

Today the NDP is 1 Week Out

2023 National Day of Prayer

Are You Ready?


My state team and I have been praying for your 2023 event. We are trusting the Lord for people to come out of the woodwork to your event on Thursday. And, we are also praying for salvations.

Below is a link to Governor Kemp’s NDP Proclamation as well as previous week’s emails. Please use the proclamation as creatively as you can. You can print it and give it to attendees, or have it read, or both.

Love you guys.


Mark S Mirza
Georgia NDP State Coordinator
E: Mark@CTMPrayer.org
C: (404) 606-2322

1 WEEK OUT (4/27/2023)

Governor Kemp’s
NDP Proclamation

Just Click on the Photo to Download a .PDF version.


2 Weeks Out (4/20/2023)

Just a few real quick things?

  1. Are you memorializing your event? Is it being recorded on video and/or in pictures?
  2. Please pray for those who have been invited to speak, or pray.
  3. Pray for those who are still working out location details.
  4. Pray also for visitors, attendees, to just “come out of the woodwork” for this year’s various NDP events.
  5. Pray for the specific venues. Remember that not everyone meets at the county courthouse. Some will meet in prisons, nursing homes and in the sky as “Prayer Flights.”
  6. I expect to have the governor’s proclamation in next week’s email. Please pray that comes about by then.
  7. And finally, have you recorded your event on the NDP Event Finder page? See below for details.

3 Weeks Out (4/13/2023)


Registering Your Event

What to expect. . .

1] Click on the button below

2] Click on the box which says “Want to Post or Edit an Event?”

3] You will then be asked to “create a new user.”

Register Your NDP Event

Inviting Politicians

From January thru March I have invested every week under the Gold Dome in Atlanta praying with our State Senators and Representatives.

You will be SURPRISED how many of them will participate, if you would just ask them.

Last week I emailed ALL OF THEM, on your behalf. When I asked them to participate I promised them ONLY ONE THING. I told them, “I cannot promise you will be allowed to speak, but I GUARANTEE that if you attend, you will be prayed for by name.”

Find Your Legislator
Sample Invitation for Your Legislator

Mark in DC this Tuesday

Just a quick request. After 16 months AWAY from DC (due to cancer and then the busy-ness of the elections and then burden to pray for our state officials under the Gold Dome), I am returning to DC Tuesday the 18th.

Pray for open doors and favor as I reestablish relationships there.


4 Weeks Out (4/6/2023)



That’s the word for today, and for the next VERY, VERY FEW WEEKS.

A friend of mine, an NDP Coordinator prayed for me like that Wednesday morning.

It’s now my prayer for you.


I’m proud of all that you are doing, but please, do “1 more thing.”

Register your event here: https://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/post_or_find_an_event


These next few weeks are the PERFECT opportunity for you to make your team multi:

  • Multi-Generational
  • Multi-Ethnic
  • Multi-Denominational
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Church
  • Multi-Ministry


A couple things. Please pray for wisdom, clarity and favor:

  • On April 18th, I will be traveling to DC to pray with our elected officials, just like I did in the Georgia State Capitol while they were in session: MarkMirza.com/Politics
  • October 1st I’m heading up a ONE DAY prayer initiative in Georgia: IfMyPeopleWillPray.net

Weekly Prayer Conference Call

Remember that we have a weekly prayer conference call for the NDP every Wednesday morning at 6:30am (Eastern time).

Our calls usually last about 15 minutes, or so.

Phone: (605) 313-5086
Access Code: 347361#



5 Weeks Out (3/30/2023)


Being a Participant

This note is to those of you WHO ARE NOT ORGANIZING AN NDP event but still want to attend, even participate, something.

Email me where you live and what you want to do (remember, anything from merely attending to organizing an event).

Email Mark

Getting Participants

Are you Coordinating an event (organizing it)? I want to remind you of LOW HANGING FRUIT.

Christian Schools in your area would be honored to participate in your event. Let them be your musicians, some of your pray-ers, your helpers for the day, etc.

Christian Schools Near Me

Speaker’s Agreement

This simple document satisfies a number of problems…

  • Honoring time commitments
  • Purpose of using the platform
  • Statement of faith
  • And more…
Speaker’s Agreement

Legality of NDP Events

In today’s litigious environment, it’s good to have the legalese this document gives.

Many well meaning city and county officials will be very glad you can supply this information.

Legal Support
NDP’s National Site
Local Donations, if you are so inclined
Mark’s Store

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Celebrate NDP Locations PART 2

Celebrate NDP Locations PART 2

Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, this year, I am going to meet some GREAT people.

This post is a follow up to Rethinking NDP Locations. Enjoy, and be challenged.

You can see ALL of our Georgia NDP events by CLICKING HERE or going to www.NDPGeorgia.org

let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

PART 2) Rethinking NDP Locations

Two and a half months ago I sent you an email with a post about Parker McFarland (part of the state NDP team, and the Cumming GA Coordinator in Forsyth County).
Here’s the original post:

I pointed out how I love the traditions we at NDP keep, but challenged you to let God prompt you to “color outside the lines.”

I then let Parker tell you in his own words about the journey he was (and is) on for the Forsyth County NDP. Here is a short outline of his comments, back in June. Parker…

  1. Acknowledged it’s not Parker’s event
  2. Started asking God what He wants to do
  3. Listened and wrote down what I heard
  4. Planned to obey, “dreaming big with my big God”

I thought it was time for us to check in with Parker and ask, “What is God doing?”

Parker told me that he prayed about next year’s NDP event, and felt led to reserve a DIFFERENT venue and then reach out to some key Christian leaders in Cumming GA.

Here are his words:

I reserved the venue at the new Cumming City Center, which is under construction and due to be opened to the public before the end of this year, leaving plenty of time before our May 5th, 2022 NDP event.


Also, per the Lords direction, I felt I needed to reach out to some key Christian leaders in Cumming GA.
I connected with Pastor Don Allen (Warhill Church and Victory 91.5 radio station owner)
— He is fully supporting me and intends to partner with our event next year. He will bring his Dawson County event (which includes the 5 churches he pastors, plus the stream called “North Georgia Revival” and, of course his radio station).
— I also contacted Pastor Bob Jolly of First Baptist Cumming, He too is in agreement with moving his National Day of Prayer event from his church to the new Cumming City Center next year, partnering with the NDP Forsyth event.
— And then, along with the help of Bryan Davidson, I led a meeting with the mayor, sheriff, and several area pastors of large churches – Pastors Bob and Don above, as well as Pastor Chris Emmitt of Local Church, Pastor Adam Johnson with Browns Bridge, and a businessman, Carter Barrett. I explained my vision for the event and how the Lord has been leading.


I believe I gained their trust. In preparation for next year’s event, we decided to start at 15 minute prayer meeting for local pastors to unite and pray into what God wants to do in Forsyth County.
— And the Lord gave me a name for this prayer call: “Give Forsyth 15”

Thank you, Parker, for your consistency, listening to the Lord.

I wrote the sentence above that way for a reason. You see, he and I have a 15 minute prayer call that we do and have done, every week, since March 2020.

And Parker is constantly seeking the Lord for His direction.

Now, let me make a couple of comments, based upon what is happening in Forsyth County.

First, DO NOT THINK that I am advocating combining events!

I’m not!

Personally, I like the idea of multiple events, because the reality is, not everyone can go to an event which is 5 miles away when a church is next door.

But friends, There is no “right or wrong” in that regard. The issue is, what is the Lord leading you to do. And I trust that Parker and Don and Bob and others are listening to God.

Which brings up the second point.

Listen tightly, because we as “pray-ers” really struggle with my next point. Before you read, let me just say, the issue is not about us being “right or wrong.” The issue is about us being “prideful and submissive.”

Here’s the point. Parker did not walk into these meetings saying, “God told me you are to do this…”

When I have people say that to me, here’s my standard answer, “God has my address.” Dr. Stanley used to say, “When people say to me, ‘If I were you…’ I tell them, ‘You’re not me.'”

Friends, if the Holy Spirit is in it, when you share YOUR vision, others will affirm it, perhaps by joining you, perhaps by praying for you, maybe by simply slapping you on the back.

But if they do not join you, they are clearly outside your will, right?


But it DOES NOT MEAN they are outside God’s will. In fact, if you insist, they are outside God’s will, you probably are.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these pastors still do an NDP event of some kind. LET THE HOLY SPIRIT LEAD THEM.

Friends, we have GOT TO GIVE the Holy Spirit FREEDOM to work outside of OUR will.
Let the Holy Spirit lead others, even if you think it is wrong (I’m not talking theology, I’m talking direction, clarity, next steps).

Next Steps — So that brings me to the end (PRAISE THE LORD).
What are your next steps?
May I suggest 2?

1st, Periodically, join our Wednesday morning, 6:30 am, 15 minute NDP prayer conference call. “Wow, what a mouthful.” And, yes, God is up that early, and yes we are always done in 15-ish minutes.

2nd, set up a “Give (Your County) 15” regular prayer time (May 5th, 2022 will be here before you know it).

Love you guys!
And, thanks again, Parker, for dreaming big with your big God.



Here are the details for our 15 minute, NDP Prayer Conference Call.


And, folks, remember to visit our NDP Website:





C: (404) 606-2322
W: MarkMirza.com

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Celebrate NDP Locations PART 2

Year-Long Courthouse Visits

Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, I have met some GREAT people.

This week we look at a soft-spoken ROCK of an NDP Coordinator who is COMMITTED to Courthouse work. Enjoy, and be challenged.

You can see ALL of our Georgia NDP events by CLICKING HERE or going to www.NDPGeorgia.org

let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

Year-Long Courthouse Visits

It is always exciting to me, the various prayer streams I run into, as I work with the National Day of Prayer.

Here is another one. On the outside you may say, “Mark, he does the NDP at a courthouse, most of us do the same thing?”

I would respond, “NOT EXACTLY.”

Every year I try and get around to a number of NDP events. That’s how David and I met a couple years ago.

But being at his National Day of Prayer, Courthouse event, does not tell the whole story. What David and his team does, THE REST OF THE YEAR is the real story.

I interviewed David Burgher from Bridge the Gap Ministries with 3 basic questions:

  1. What do you do?
  2. What do you want to see done?
  3. How can you help?

Interviewing David was a Holy occurrence. I know that sounds weird, but it was. When I do my prayer calls, there is traffic in the background, when I’m with guys like David, there are birds tweeting behind them.


His calm demeanor required me to slow way down, which I am so glad I did, because I got to enjoy our time together much more than I otherwise would have.

Everything he does is immersed in the Word of God, every teaching, every conversation, and every picture he leaves in your mind’s eye. When you are able to reach him, take the time with him, don’t rush it!

One more thing, if you want to do this in your courthouse, may I suggest that you arrange to shadow David at his, for a day. You’ll be glad you did.

Do you want to know his ministry in a nutshell? Read the first line after the first question.

Below are my notes from our conversation, not a verbatim recitation of it.

So, I asked him to tell me in his own words, “What do you do in the courthouse?”

I mingle with people that the Holy Spirit leads me to.

That’s it folks! If you’re in a hurry and can’t read the rest of this, you got all you needed.

David went on to say that he introduces himself to random folks he sees and then he tells them he is there to serve them by praying for them.

“And their response is phenomenal,” he said. I asked him why and he said, “Mentioning prayer causes a light bulb to go off in their mind. They are usually at the mercy of the courtroom. It’s over their heads and they know they need prayer.”

Then he added, “Nearly every connection is a one-time thing. I get as much follow-up information I can, but I rarely see them after this one encounter.”

After David said this, he hastened to tell me, with absolute holy-humility, “But there have been times when people looked for me and found me, just to tell me how much they appreciated the prayer.”

He then explained to me what is needed to do this kind of a ministry. “It’s not for everyone. Not everyone has the gift of compassion, prayer and boldness. You have to look at people thru eternal eyes, because you will probably never see them again.”

He said he sometimes runs into people who want to debate, but he just walks away from them, because they are still running from God.

Do you want to reread the last half of that sentence? I did! And then I felt bad I didn’t say to him, “David, that is GREAT insight!”

Every week, he and other prayer warriors meet at the courthouse and then pray for leaders, judges, attorneys, “Where decisions are made which impact the entire county, and thousands of people.”

He said the conversations he engages last anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes.

“God is engineering the conversations.” David says emphatically.

He has a flyer which he takes, hands to people and then asks them to read it for themselves, “Out-loud, if you will,” he tells them.

He says, “It is powerful, having them read it.” He uses it as a discussion starter, and you can find this, as well as print it, below.

Secondly, I asked him what he would like to see at other courthouses?

Dumb question. I know. What he wants to see is pretty obvious. David and his ministry want to see others take up the challenge and go to their courthouses on a weekly basis, and just engage in prayer, people they see.

I have to tell you, I really resonated with this, because it is what I do in D.C. on each of my visits. I engage congressmen, senators, staffers, janitors, food service workers, capitol police officers, even other guests who are just walking the halls.

“If people want to do this,” David said, “They begin by committing to pray, inside the courthouse building. And then, once you’re there, just start walking the halls and talking to people.”

Our interview was winding to a close, so I asked him, “How can/will you help people do what you do?”
Over the phone this quiet natured rock of a man thought about it and then said, his team will add pages to the website with tools to help. “And my phone is always available for people to call.”

How do I close this article?

I decided the best way to end this article is with some adjectives that describe this ministry . . . exciting, immense, insightful, powerful, impacting, and scary (which is okay to admit, because you’ll get over it). Let me add 1 more word we rarely use as an adjective, but it fits David Burgher well…ROCK. The man is a solid rock.

Love you guys. I hope you are as encouraged as I am by reading about David Burgher from BridgeTheGapMinistries.



Folks, remember our Wednesday morning, 15 minute, NDP Prayer Conference Call, which all of you can join.


Folks, remember to visit our NDP Website:





C: (404) 606-2322
W: MarkMirza.com

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Celebrate NDP Locations PART 2

Celebrate NDP Locations

Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, this year, I am going to meet some GREAT people.

This week we look at what to do if you think it is time to change up your annual NDP event. Enjoy, and be challenged.

You can see ALL of our Georgia NDP events by CLICKING HERE or going to www.NDPGeorgia.org

let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

Rethinking NDP Locations

I love the traditions many of you have started, or continued, or both. And I am confident they will continue.
But, what about when you think God may be giving you an “itch” to do something different?
Are you “open-handed” about it, or scared to death?
I recognize that many of you like the “lines” because it is easy to plan, staying within the lines. But let me encourage you to talk to the Lord about “coloring outside the lines.”

Coordinators, hear the following as an encouragement. . .

It is from Parker McFarland. He is both, on my State Team, and the County Coordinator in Forsyth County. He and I pray together every week and so have been walking through this process, TOGETHER, which is a critical point for you, as coordinators to do . . . pray with others on your team!
Pray with people you know will challenge you.

I asked him for his approach to coordinating NEXT YEAR’S Forsyth County National Day of Prayer.

Here are his words. . .

My approach will be the same as it has been for the last two years.
It starts with a recognition that this is not my event.
It is God’s event. So I begin by asking God what He wants to do with His event.
I have come to realize that I can do nothing apart from Him.
So really the first step in planning the National Day of Prayer is to PRAY.


The next step is to LISTEN. I write down what I hear.
In John Chapter 10 it says three times that His sheep hear His voice.
God is faithful to give me the theme, the people to contact, and creative ideas for His event.
In short, I just OBEY what the Shepherd says to do.
I am mindful of the fact that God is using me to build a prayer movement.
As I follow His leading, I think strategically about how I can involve various denominations and unite the body of Christ with all of its diversity and age ranges.
I am looking for the watchmen, for those who have a heart for prayer, spiritual awaking, and revival.


I keep everything open-handed. It is not unusual for God to change things up at the last minute.
I think it is absolutely essential for the entire event to be SPIRIT-LED.
After the Forsyth NDOP event this year, I asked the Lord “What are Your dreams for next year for National Day of Prayer?”
I feel strongly that the Lord is directing me to move the location from the Courthouse to the new Cumming City Center where there will be no space limitations.
I also feel that the Lord is directing me to put on a much more comprehensive event that may include other counties.


I am dreaming big with my big God.

Would you begin now, forgive me, NOW, to dream big, with your big God?

Thank you Parker for all your efforts and your encoragement to “Dream big.”


Folks, remember our Wednesday morning, 15 minute, NDP Prayer Conference Call, which all of you can join.


Folks, remember to visit our NDP Website:





C: (404) 606-2322
W: MarkMirza.com

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Celebrate NDP Locations PART 2

Celebrate Workplace NDP

Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, this year, I am going to meet some GREAT people.

This week we look at the National Day of Prayer in the Workplace. What a cool idea!!!

You can see ALL of our Georgia NDP events by CLICKING HERE or going to www.NDPGeorgia.org

let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

NDP in the Workplace

A few years ago, my friend Scott Hall invited me to a major furniture store in Atlanta to do the National Day of Prayer during their lunchtime Bible study. It was a great blessing to all of us, and their weekly Bible study continues to this day, getting back up and running due to C19.

Coordinators, hear the following as an encouragement. . .

I love all the NDP events at the County Court Houses, the City Halls, the local churches, but there are workplaces with time constraints which do not allow their employees to join you.

Help them by YOU thinking outside the box.

Let me introduce you to Arthur Farr, a new NDP Georgia State Team Member. He and I pray together most Wednesday mornings (on our 15 minute, NDP Prayer Conference Call, which you can join, see below).

This year, he and his team did a workplace NDP Event, with a twist. It was virtual, and a week BEFORE, May 6th. . .

Let Arthur tell you, in his own words:

     God created everything for His Glory and His purpose. God owns it all, and we are stewards of the resources entrusted to us. HE expects each of us to bear fruit right where we have been planted. A business that functions with a Kingdom Purpose honors God.

There is an old saying that “A family that prays together stays together.” This is true of a business as well. If the Leader creates an atmosphere of prayer within the organization, it will honor God and bring harmony to the workplace. Prayer can be at the individual level and/or with the TEAM. Prayer refocuses our attention back to the creator to trust Him for the solution.

An atmosphere of prayer provides opportunity for a business to encourage, teach the word and disciple employees, industry partners and clients. As this progresses your business begins to look more and more like a church, like a true Kingdom Business.

6 years ago, a prayer group in my company facilitated a National Day of Prayer event with believers from other businesses in our office building. It transitioned into a weekly Prayer time & Bible study. This core group became the prayer team for NDOP each year. When COVID started we took the opportunity to go virtual. This has allowed us to go beyond our office building and community. We now have members across the south that join us weekly.

Arthur, thanks for your leadership, my friend.

Folks, remember to visit our NDP Website:





C: (404) 606-2322
W: MarkMirza.com

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