Celebrate NDP Prayer Tents

Celebrate NDP Prayer Tents

Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, this year, I am going to meet some GREAT people.

This week we look at Prayer Tents and their use during this year’s National Day of Prayer.

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let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

Prayer Tents During the GA NDP

Do you remember the first time you saw someone who was using a prayer tent?

I do. A number of years ago I was meeting a pastor for lunch and he had me meet him at a local pharmacy.

“Why not his office?” I thought.

When I got there I knew why. He had a small, 10′ x 10′ tent set up that told people to stop to get prayed for.

And he was doing a thriving business!

He had a lunch box for each of us and we sat there eating and praying for others.

This year, as best I can tell, the Georgia National Day of Prayer had 3 prayer tents set up in 3 cities. If there were more, let me know.

  • Brooklet, First Baptist Church
  • Columbus, Britt David Baptist Church
  • Conyers, Awaken His Church Ministry

Below I will share with you each event. Hint: To see photos of their events, click on their town and name, which is the link

Brooklet, First Baptist Church

Pastor Bob Crosby and his church have never been shy about doing the National Day of Prayer, and sharing the gospel. They have done city-center events, church events, etc., but this year they chose to do something a little creative. They got a tent, went to a busy highway near town and set up shop. For 4 hours people stopped and they had a great time, sharing the gospel and praying for people. Bob said, “Mark, we’re not going to miss an opportunity to share the gospel.”
His Big Take-Away: Don’t do this on such a busy street, it was a bit too noisy.
Thanks Bob for your leadership.

Columbus, Britt David Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Jones’ church is near a large park. In fact, he and his congregation periodically take their Sunday evening service to the park and then engage people while they are there. People show up for an evening at the park, and, if they want to, get to participate in a church service.
Tim says, “And they enjoy themselves!”
This year for the National Day of Prayer, they turned their traveling tent into a place for people to come and get prayed for, AND THEY DID!
Great job Tim!

Conyers, Awaken His Church Ministry

Of all three NDP tent ministry events, this one grips my heart the most (sorry, Bob & Tim). Awaken the Church Ministries is a group of ladies, from various church denominations, who want to win souls for Christ, using people’s desire for prayer, to that end.
Ministry leader Holly Hayes said to me, “Mark, just before we pray with someone we ask them about their relationship with Christ, which is a perfect lerad in to share the gospel.”
5 years ago, these ladies started their ministry at 12 churches in their town, praying on their lawns. After 6 months they started prayer walking and knocking on houses in these 12 comminuties. “Mark,” Holly said, “We’ve got to get out into the hi-ways and by-ways. If we don’t do it, who will?”
They also set up their prayer tent in Covington, every day of the month in September & October, while “Vampire Diaries” tours were going on. Their prayer tent is seen by people from all over the country who come to these tours.
Check out their FB page, HERE.
And, check their website for their schedule, HERE.
Praise the Lord Holly, and ladies!

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