An Observation #FromTheRoad

By modern day, I mean the last few hundred years.

Modern day prophets have had a message, based on the circumstances of their time. And while their ultimate desire was revival, sometimes it came and sometimes it didn’t.

But often, and I mean really often, their focus, that which brought them to their knees, as prophets in the first place, was in fact, often achieved, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In particular I’m thinking about #LeonardRavenhill who for so many years saw the potential for #NuclearWar. He prompted men and women to pray regarding that potentiality.

And they got their prayer answered, the #Nuclear #Holocaust never occurred. In fact, the downfall of Communist Russia occurred and then great Church growth in Russia occurred.

So, here’s my question, “Where is the need for prophets today?” You might ask the question this way, “In what subject/s are Modern Prophets most needed today?”

You may think the work for prophets today is to do battle in and against the political arena. Personally, I’m less inclined to believe that because of verses like Romans 13:1-2 which tell me that God is the one who puts into office whom He wants, when He wants, and for the reasons He wants.

No, I think the bigger need for prophets today is to speak into the LACK OF HUMILITY in the church.

Hear me! I agree that the social ills of our day are bad and getting worse but look at the 7 things God hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). Did you note the first one? Haughty eyes, arrogant eyes, lofty eyes, high eyes.



Do you think maybe we lead the world astray by our pride and arrogance? I think so. I think they look at our “haughty eyes,” and say, “Yo, dude, I don’t want any of that.”
Or maybe they say, “Yo, dude, I have enough of that in my own life, I don’t want any of yours.”

You know what I think? I think the world wants #Hope, but instead, we in the church are giving them cockiness.

If the Modern Prophet takes on the church, he shouldn’t expect many friends.