Thinning Hair & Hiding Sin

Thinning Hair & Hiding Sin

A Trip to my Barber and Insight to Sin

How much help do we need to learn to hide sin?

I know, not very much. So, let me covenant with you, to not sin.

Sound Far-Fetched?

Well, what is sin but falling to temptation, right? You might say, “Sin occurs when you’re deceived, in your mind, to choose sin.”

Doesn’t Paul tell us how to deal with this? He says to “Take our thoughts captive” in 2 Corinthians 10:5e.

The late Dr. Walter Martin explained this in a very practical way. He said, “Your temptations are hungry, so STARVE them.”

Friends, I want to covenant with you to STARVE temptation.

I recorded a short video on this subject:



Hey, I could have titled this, “My Great Barber!”