22 Lessons on Healing, Reborn

Let this 18th Century German Theologian Challenges us Today.


Will you humble yourself so his teaching can encourage you?

It can. It will. But it won’t be easy:

In 1728, John Frederick Stark wrote this 600+ page Daily Handbook.

We are using the 1855 version which when translated, brilliantly opens our eyes to the patient suffering with illness.

Some of you will struggle with his assumptions about God, but I think that is healthy for us, as the Body of Christ.

After all, a little challenge is necessary if we are going to allow ourselves to truly be humbled.

Our nation needs healing. Our world needs healing. And we will do our best to bring you the Biblical healing, John Frederick Stark shares with us.

We will read his short dissertations, and the added Prayer and Hymn (or Poem) which he provides.

And we will give you VERY LITTLE commentary from us. Let the Holy Spirit do that. Each lesson is only 5 – 9 minutes long.

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17 more lessons to follow.

Lesson 06, The Patient Resigns Himself into the Will of God for Life or for Death

Lesson 07, The Patient Reflects that Suffering and Distress come from God

Lesson 08, The Patient Appreciates the Utility of Disease

Lesson 09, The Patient Reflects on the Omnipotence of God

Lesson 10, The Patient Remembers his Baptismal Covenant

Lesson 11, The Patient Relies upon the Benefits of the Triune God

Lesson 12, The Patient Resolves to Bear his Sufferings without a Murmer

Lesson 13, The Patient Prepares to Partake of the Lord’s Supper

Lesson 14, The Patient Prays for the Forgiveness of Sin

Lesson 15, The Patient Prays Before Partaking of the Lord’s Supper

Lesson 16, The Patient Prays After having Partaken of the Lord’s Supper

Lesson 17, The Patient Prays on Taking Medicine

Lesson 18, The Patient Prays for some Abatement of his Suffering

Lesson 19, The Patient Implores God not to Forsake Him

Lesson 20, The Patient Meditates on Death

Lesson 21, The Patient Meditates upon his Grave and Resurrection

Lesson 22, The Convelescent Returns Thanks to God for his Resurrection of Health

John Frederick Stark’s Daily Handbook in 4 Parts:

Exhortations, Prayers and Hymns, for use:

Part     I, In Health

Part   II, In Trouble

Part III, In Sickness

Part IV, In the Dying Hour

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