Worry No More

Worry No More

I Used to Be a HUGE Worrier

By God’s grace, I haven’t worried now for about a decade.

Believe me though, things still “Tweak” my brain, but they are gone immediately.

I hope this 3 minute video helps you as much as it has helped others. The 3 points I make in the video are written below the photo. Don’t let #Worry own you any longer.

CLICK BELOW for a short video on worry.

The video’s points:

  1. Matthew 6:34 -Acknowledge Worry as Sin
  2. Psalm 103:19 -Remember God is Sovereign
  3. Mark 9:24 -Trust God to fix your “Worrier”

You don’t have to worry anymore.

God says that if you seek Him, He will let Himself be found (Jeremiah 29:13).

So seek Him. He’s already given you victory over worry. Live it, in Him.

Others’ Tragedies Help Our Perspective

Johnstown Flood Covers

The worst tragedy on US soil, until 911.

Deaths are ficticiously told by Hael (a guardian angel in my other novels). He shows us God in the Midst of death.

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