Prayer Basics-Wrestling With God

Prayer Basics-Wrestling With God

Wrestle and Get Pinned

If you think of wrestling in human terms, you’ve gotta expect God to pin you to the mat, right?

Surely that isn’t “Wrestling With God,” is it?

Compare two Biblical wrestlers. One did good, the other did not.

In my short video I’ll talk about Jacob wrestling all night and someone else who wrestled at night.

CLICK BELOW and watch the short video on WRESTLING WITH GOD.

The Video’s Points:

Had you ever considered that Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was an example of “Wrestling with God?”

  1. Two biblical wrestlers.
  2. One was unchanged, the Other was greatly changed.
  3. How did Jesus change?
  4. He submitted to God.

It ain’t rocket science, is it?

In my book below is ANOTHER WRESTLER, Epaphras by name (from Colossians 4:12). He trains his nephew, Thales, one of the prayer heroes.

Resource – The Pray-ers

This is our first novel. The idea behind its writing was to teach prayer through the fun of Christian fiction.

In the book are:

  • 3 Prayer Heroes, in
  • 3 Historic Eras, on
  • 2 Continents, with
  • 1 Nine-foot-tall angel, and
  • A Host of Demons



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