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A Digital Diary from Kenya






My Dear Pray-ers,

I am in the air on the way home from Kenya when you are receiving this, so, hopefully, this is a short diary of what has transpired during these 9 days.

Thank you for praying for me. And if you haven’t, that’s okay, BECAUSE our God is outside of time, so you can pray for me now, and I think He’ll hear and respond as if you prayed last week.

Blessings my friends,




Day 1 Comments:

A day of BIG decisions, like which Kenyan shirt I’ll wear?

Which Kenyan Shirt to Wear?

Also looked at photos of men and women in Kenya handing out our “Save-The-Date” cards for the War Room Prayer Boot Camps that we would do.

And then of course I needed a photo of the stone animals I have already brought home so that I dod not duplicate what we have. These are stone, heavy and too cool.

Oh yeah. The blue shirt won!

The Blue Shirt won

While I was in the air, a friend found this quote and put it up, in preparation for my visit

Day 2 Comments:

Sometimes the littlest things are the most exciting.
Like seeing that after 24 hours of traveling I’m only 12 minutes from my destination. HOORAY!!!

KLM Digital Flight map

The “Save-The-Date” cards that were being handed out are below:

Day 3 Comments:

My driver and EXCELLENT host, who knows TONS of things about his country, picked me up at my hotel and we drove to Nakuru where I had scheduled a prayer meeting, seeking the Lord for where I believe the Lord is stretching Common Thread Ministries.

There’s something about seeing Zebra along the side of the freeway that just makes you want to say, “We’re not in Kansas Toto!”

Zebra along the road

Arriving that night, besides my permanent team members was Pastor James and his “Tuk Tuk” that 4 people squeezed into.

Arriving in a Tuk Tuk

Arriving in a Tuk Tuk

Arriving in a Tuk Tuk

The evening we spent in prayer focused upon an elderly pastors ministry that we will call the Ezekiel Ministry. Click HERE or the photo to go to the link where we start to explain this ministry.

Web page for Prayer Marshals

Day 4 Comments:

The Kendrick Brothers’ War Room and Claude King’s Prayer Boot Camp arrived in Kenya where 50 people were blessed by the movie and, I believe, had their prayer lives challenged.

Praying at the Prayer Boot Camp

Praying at the Prayer Boot Camp

Praying at the Prayer Boot Camp

I am so honored to teach on prayer.

Mark Mirza teaching a Prayer Boot Camp in Nakuru

At dinner Rebecca Shahasi showed me her In Touch Messenger. I gave some to my permanent team members. She said that when she wakes up anxious she either puts the Bible reading on or she puts the Swahili speaking Dr. Charles Stanley on, and immediately has peace and falls asleep.

Falling asleep to Dr Charles Stanley and the In Touch Messenger

Later in the evening we continued our prayer meeting for the elderly pastors. Besides my two prayer teachers, young men I’ve been pouring my life into for 3 years, two Kenyan senior pastors were there. Lots of questions were asked and then when we were done praying I felt compelled and so we gathered around David and Lawrence, laying hands on them, sending them out to teach prayer, SO THAT the elderly pastors can marshal the elderly of their villages into prayer warriors.
I believe God is up to something. We need your prayers.

Day 5 Comments:

Another long day as we begin in Nakuru speaking at Lanet Baptist Church.

Lanet Baptist Church in Nakuru

Lanet Baptist Church in Nakuru

This is how the pastor and his wife arrive, in their “Tuk Tuk.”

Arriving to Lanet Baptist Church in their Tuk Tuk

I fell in love with the kids. I always do.

group picture at Lanet Baptist Church in Nakuru

But this one was really special. In fact, I probably need to confess that I now have a girlfriend. Her name is Grace and the expressions she can make. I’m afraid that we interrupted people who were supposed to be listening to the service.
Oh well, her and I had fun.

Grace and her many faces

Grace and I enjoying each other instead of the service

Grace and I enjoying each other instead of the service

Grace and I enjoying each other instead of the service

Grace and I enjoying each other instead of the service

Grace and I enjoying each other instead of the service

Speaking before the congregation at Lanet Baptist Church. The Pastor’s wife is translating for me.

Speaking before the congregation at Lanet Baptist Church. The Pastor's wife is translating for me.

Grace and I enjoying each other instead of the service

Pastor Mbeche's wife interpretting for me at Lanet Baptist Church in Nakuru

Pastor David Lyle from Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Duluth GA purchased this microphone and cord for Lanet. And here they are asking the Lord to bless it’s use. These folks are so appreciative of the littlest things. It is very humbling, and exciting.

microphone and cord for Lanet

Pastor Mbeche

I shared with these folks my burden for the elderly pastors. In attendance were Baptist executives leading Nakuru County and pastors who gave up their pulpits to hear the message.
Again, very humbling.

Sharing about our Prayer Marshal ministry

Sharing about our Prayer Marshal ministry

And in case you are wondering. They are Baptists through and through!

Batists Eat

Baptists Eat

We then left for Nyeri, which is at the foot of Mt. Kenya, where I would speak before returning in the morning to do another Prayer Boot Camp.
But FIRST, we had to cross the equator.

Crossing the equator

Hmmm. Maybe we are in Kansas, Toto.

Cow crossing sign

Day 6 Comments:

The host church for today’s Prayer Boot Camp

Gospel Outreach Church in the Nyeri area

Through the back window of my hotel in Nyeri.

Through the back window of my hotel in Nyeri.

And then up the road, looking at Mt. Kenya.

Mt. Kenya

Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya

Can anybody guess why I took this photo of a Baptist Church?

A Baptist church that is a house of prayer

It was kind of funny. I felt like I was being flanked by bodyguards walking thru Karatina

Bodyguards in Karatina

Yes, Starbucks is everywhere. Even in Karatina

Starbucks is everywhere

David Karanja and Lawrence Onunga are my two Prayer Teachers in Kenya. Here they are setting up for the movie.

David Karanja

Lawrence Onunga

The electronics team

Prayer time during the Boot Camp in Nyeri.

Prayer time in Nyeri

Prayer time in Nyeri

Prayer time in Nyeri

Men Praying

Everywhere I go I get to enjoy the kids.

Enjoying the kids in Nyeri

the kids in nyeri

Lydia was a huge point of encouragement to come to Nyeri. You’ll see her earlier in this E-Letter handing out “Save-The-Date” cards

Lydia in Nyeri

Let me give you part of Zipporah’s testimony. She sent it to me today.
“I thank God for the relief I feel in my heart. I had lived under captive nature of blaming myself and even my Creator. I had not known the secret of letting God’s will happen. . . .”
This woman walked out of the Boot Camp a COMPLETELY different person than when she walked in 4 hours earlier. It was an incredible testimony to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. It was incredible!

Day 7 Comments:

Yuk! It’s time to go home.

Map heading home

Map of Nairobi

Day 8 Comments:

This is the serious team in Nairobi, Ruth, Eric and Antony.

The Nairobi Team, Ruth, Eric and Antony

But this is who the they REALLY are.

The Nairobi Team, Ruth, Eric and Antony

Day 9 Comments:

Digital Ticket

If you would pray. Pray for me that:

  • I would be able to return in February
  • David and Lawrence will befriend elderly pastors
  • Antony will find the right youth to pour his life into
  • Eric will creatively handle the IT items he has responsibility for
  • Ruth would be able collate all of the ministry items
  • And that people touched this week would become devoted to prayer, being watchful and thankful (Colossians 4:2)

As always, we trust God for the finances.

Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker for Common Thread Ministries

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