The Pray-ers

3 Prayer Heroes, in
3 Historic Eras, on
2 Continents
1 Nine Foot Tall Angel, &
A Host of Demons


I always teach that if you want to learn how to pray you get around people who pray. And, I love Christian fiction.

The problem, as with most fiction, is when I’m done with the book I usually say, “Okay, that was cool, now what?” And there’s nothing else, it’s over, because the book is over.

What I wanted to do in these novels is for you to get your self embedded in these men and women’s lives so you could learn Prayer by watching the way they do prayer.

As noted above, each book has three prayer heroes from three completely different historical eras, on two different continents.

There is a 9-foot tall buffed good-looking angel, and a number of demons. You’ll find that I have written about angels and demons in a very conservative and orthodox way (I think).

Personally, let me tell you that the books are very, very autobiographical. I found that very surprising as I wrote. And where a character has its origins in a real life person, I’ve made that known to you in a footnote. Afterall, I want you to see my friend Brother Don. I want you to know that Brother Dean, who’s now in heaven was a real person.

Main Characters

Thales, 60 a.d.

Let me tell you about Thales by reminding you of Colossians chapter 4 verse 12 where Paul talks about a prayer Warrior named Epaphras, who was a Godly Man constantly praying for his congregation in Colossae. Thales is his nephew, kind of. I figured who better to learn prayer from but Epaphras. So, you will learn prayer through Thales, what’s a little bit of Paul and Epaphras thrown in.

Alexander Rich, 1886

Alexander Rich is a northern born pastor who is an itinerant preacher in the south. A number of folks down here in the South don’t trust him because he’s from the north. He grew up in the same town as D. L. Moody so he and Moody exchange letters fairly often throughout the books.

Dr. Dale Riley, Modern Day

And Dr. Dale is a modern-day track coach who also leads a Men’s Prayer Ministry, but hell doesn’t even know they exist. He has to deal with modern day issues, like a psych Professor who is an avowed atheist, but she just found out she has cancer.

What you will see is in all three prayer heroes, and the women in their lives, is how they deal with troubles, prayerfully-scripturally. You will find that even though their troubles are very different they’re handling them the same way in prayer. And through this repetition, you will learn and your prayer life will grow.

I hope you enjoyed the books as much as I do. Well, at least close to the same amount, I do.



Mark S Mirza

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