Gretchen, from Book 1 of The Pray-ers

. . . has decided, all on her own, I might add, to give you her memoirs as a mini E-Book, as a Valentine’s Day Gift, for FREE!!!

You can download this onto your E-Book platform or as a downloaded document. However you prefer.

We just want you to, I’m sorry, she just wants you to enjoy them, on this Valentines Day (AND IF YOU FORGOT to get a gift for someone special, this will save you!!!).

For the FREE short stories as one E-Book (or standard download) CLICK HERE or the icon below:

The Collection Cover, Gretchen's Short Stories

They’re Usually Romantic
They’re Often Funny, AND
They’re Teaching Prayer Principles

Below is a video I just did explaining the relationship between Gretchen and the Itinerant Preacher in my first novel called, “The Pray-ers, Book 1” which will SOON have a companion as I am working on Book 2, Spiritual Warfare.

Gretchen also convinced us to reduce the price of The Pray-ers from $23.95 to $10.00. I  agreed, but ONLY until the end of this month. I personally think she’s crazy, but it is Gretchen, so we’ll let her get away with it. CLICK HERE or click the icon below, to get The Pray-ers, a full length novel, for $10.00.

Book Cover for The Pray-ers Book 1




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