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My Dear Pray-ers,


War Room Prayer Boot Camps:

The movie War Room was released to the public on August 28, 2015 and the first Prayer Boot Camp in Georgia was on February 26, 2016 in Warner Robbins. Claude King, the developer of the Prayer Boot Camps did the first two.

Since then, and as of the sending of this E-Letter, we at Common Thread Ministries have led the following:

  • 10, in 2016 – Prayer Boot Camps including 2 in Kenya.
    • One of the 10 was actually a Sunday where Mark broke it up during Sunday School, Worship Service and then the evening service, and the secretary turned the booklet into their Sunday bulletin by rearranging some things and added 4 pages. She did a brilliant job!
    • Two of the 10 above were completed over four nights, as a month of Monday Nights in one and as a month of Wednesday Nights in the other.
    • But typically we do a 4 hour Saturday Boot Camp.
  • 8, in 2017 – Prayer Boot Camps with 2 more scheduled.
    • Recently we did a PBC in Fortson GA (greater Columbus GA) this made the 3rd War Room Prayer Boot Camp in the Columbus area.
    • Larry Guido, from the Guido Evangelistic Assoc is preparing for the second Prayer Boot Camp to be held there at Guido Gardens.

In this E-Letter I’d like to take you

INSIDE a War Room Prayer Boot Camp 

  1. Setting It Up
  2. Invitations
  3. The Day Of
  4. Follow Up

The Pictures Below. . .

are the main pages of the booklet that we use:

For Target Praying
This of course is the Target where we help you write out your prayer requests as Miss Clara did, and then she taped them up on her wall in her Prayer Room.

These are the names of God from the book Experiencing God. These names become so important when we differentiate between Praising God and Thanking God.

And this is the center two pages of the booklet where we spend most of our time during the Boot Camp. This is actually a “Teaching Road Map” that Claude King had made based on his teaching on prayer. It is brilliantly done!

Setting It Up

To understand the set up of these Prayer Boot Camps, let’s paraphrase Claude King when he spoke before a group of pastors after he showed the War Room movie. He said, “Your people are going to watch this movie and then come back and expect you to teach them to pray like that. Will you be able to?”

It was a sobering question and one we are committed to helping you answer in the affirmative.

The specific concept, or idea behind the Set Up of these Prayer Boot Camps is simple, and it coincides with the Mission Statement for Common Thread Ministries. We want to help you Rebuilding the Foundations of Your Prayer Life. If this is your goal, the War Room Prayer Boot Camp will accomplish this.
Let me give you two recent quotes

  • “Brother Mark, this isn’t boring!”
  • A woman shared this with her pastor, “If I had known it was gonna be 4 hours I wouldn’t have come. I thought it was only 2 hours. But I’m glad I did!”

We won’t try to add to those comments. They say it all!



Solid Rock PBC ParticipantsWho will you invite, and how?

If you can see these folks well, you will see many age groups here, and all are engaged. Mark says that, “These are the most favorite times of the Prayer Boot Camps for me, namely, watching people pray.”

There is something else that we want to do in preparing the way for the War Room Prayer Boot Camps, we want to help you with advertising. We will help you by advertising on Facebook. And below, you can click on some recent Prayer Boot Camp events to have an understanding of what we provide for you, in terms of fliers for printing and posting on walls and pictures for your website, emailing and social media.

Prayer Boot Camp Advertising Cards Used in Kenya
If you click on the photo above you will see the two cards she is looking at. They can easily be customized for your Boot Camp.

Recent Prayer Boot Camp FLier
The flier above is gives you all of the details including where to RSVP. If you click on the flier it will take you to a full size flier of a recent Prayer Boot Camp where we showed the movie the night before.


The Day Of

Mt Tabor PBC Signage IlluminatedIf you are hosting this, what should you expect?

Outdoor signage? We love that!

This one, all lit up looked great. As you can see, we showed the movie on Friday and then did the Prayer Boot Camp the next day. You’ll note that it ends at 2:00 pm. PLEASE KNOW, Mark is very, very careful about ending on time or early! Whatever the end time is scheduled to be, you can be assured that YOU WILL be walking out at that time.

We thought this was a creative sign so we wanted you to see it.

There are only a few more things for you to be responsible for, doing an event like this:

  1. Have some coffee and light snacks, maybe a few other drinks, including water for later in the day. We are NOT serving lunch, and we’re not exactly fasting either.
  2. Let’s meet in a fellowship hall, NOT the sanctuary, because we want the groups of people to be intimate groups as they pray together and open up the Word together.
  3. There is a small booklet that you will need to print out. It is best if it is done on 8 1/2 x 14 and only requires 3 pages (printed front and back). There are 2 pages that are in color, but only the center page is preferred to be done in color, the front page is not necessary.


Follow Up

We recognize that once Mark has been in a church it is difficult for him to encourage afterwards, but we found a few things that we can do.

  • Prayer Boot Camp Attendees Prayer Conference Call

PBC Attendees Conference Call InfoWe believe that this is critical. For it gives us an opportunity to continue to pray with you.

Taking the time, in the beginning of the call to focus on PRAISE has become a powerful part of our Prayer Conference Calls.

Having the opportunity to lift up your family members, and then hear others, many you may not even know, agree with you in prayer becomes very powerful. And then of course having a platform to pray for your church becomes a sweet time also.

  • The Pray-ers E-Letters

The Pray-ers E-Letter MastheadWe want you to continue to receive encouragement from Mark and so through these E-Letters he brings bits of insight that will help rebuild your prayer life. Simply click on the icon to the left to be added to our E-Letter list, if you did not receive this E-Letter directly, or if someone forwarded it to you (Hint — Hint).

You may want to see previous E-Letters. To do so, CLICK HERE.

For additional encouragements you can go to the following:
Twitter: @CTMPrayer, @ThePray_ers
Facebook: Common Thread Ministries, and a number of other encouraging pages hosted by Common Thread Ministries.

  • Prayer Boot Camp Book

We utilize this book, written by the Kendrick brothers, and based on the movie War Room. We will spend a good amount of time in it. Recently an attendee emailed me and said, “Bro. Mark, I read each chapter over and over again, it is so good.”

We will also give you another book, so that you receive about $30.00 worth of books for your $10.00 fee.

The $10.00 registration we DO NOT ask for when you pre-register at We ask you to pre-register because we want an approximate idea of how many people will be there.

But this does bring up a situation that you need to hear from us. If you DO NOT have the money, DO NOT WORRY! We are in the prayer business, meaning we trust God to take care of the details in our life. We believe that Matthew 6:33 is true, where Jesus says that if we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness He will take care of all the details.

Bottom line? Show up, you won’t be disappointed.

A Few More Items, Real Quickly

A CTM Prayer Classic

–The Hidden Life of Prayer is a brilliant book on prayer that we are pleased to offer at a special price of $5.00. You will not be disappointed. David Macintyre is incredibly insightful.

Free Short Stories:

–Clicking the link above (in the title) allows you to see ALL of the short stories and download what you like, But by getting the original FREE short stories you also get a special price on our novel, The Pray-ers, Book 1 “Troubles”. Simply CLICK HERE.

Blessings my friends,

Remember simply to click below on those items that may interest you . . .


Only if you are interested:
Would you consider being a part of the 100 people we are looking for to commit to $25.00/month for our Kenya Ministry (See how far along we are).

This will allow us to make one of our part time teachers a full time employee and enable Mark to return to Kenya to continue rebuilding the foundation of prayer in that country.


Lots going on every day!
Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us as we continue to pray that God will open doors so that we can spread this message and spread it boldly.

Thank you for praying.


Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker/Writer for Common Thread Ministries
F: MarkMirza
F: CommonThreadMinistries
F: ThePray-ers

T: @CTMPrayer
T: @ThePray_ers

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