I am always amazed that God uses me, allowing me to serve Him by encoraging others. This last visit was another reminder of the reality that God uses ALL OF US in various ways. Below is the prayer card I gave out this month. I hand them out so people will see how I am praying for them and encouraging them this month. To my amazement, and, I hope, my humble surprise, it was good to hear of another Congressman who saves my prayer cards.

There is often a great sense of pride when I  arrive in DC. On my first day, while walking from the #CapitolSouthMetro station to the #Rayburn House Office Building (HOB), the sun was bright, the day was clear, and I took this quick shot of the #USCapitol. The bright crosswalk reminded me of the album cover for the #Beatles.

The buildings to the left and right are the #Longworth and the #Cannon HOB. Shortly after this photo I was standing and watching military personnel get out of their vehicles, heading into committee meetings which you saw all week on the news. I was amazed and proud of the respect given, as I stood in the background and just watched quietly. There were a lot of journalists who would later in the day write snarky things, but the respect, overall, was evident. It was actually encouraging.

Speaking of Encouraging, That’s What I Get to Do!

Let me share with you my trip contacts. My hope is that these notes will encourage you too.

In my  journal, as I arrived in DC I wrote, “Friendship with the world is enmity with God.”

  • I walked into a Congressman’s office, where the scheduler opted out of my emails (unsubscribed), but when I asked her how I could pray for her, she was so overwhelmed and so flustered she didn’t know what to ask for, I prayed that she’d be able to accomplish much, and that she’d go home.now that she had, even though everything might not be done. It was a GREAT first stop for the week!
  • Walking by the office of a Congressman whom I will meet with later in the week, his Chief of Staff walked out his door. I was already passed, but she recognized me, called my name and then gave me a hug and was just so grateful I was there to pray.
  • Another Congressman, whom I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to meet with a number of times, I saw walking towards me in the hallway. So, I stepped up to him, gave him a prayer card and told him, “Every time I’m in town, I pray for you,” to which he was very grateful. It just so happens that later in the day I went into his office, simply to tell the scheduler of my encounter with the Congressman. My hope was that she’d then schedule some time with me and him the next time I was in DC. When I had finished speaking to her and started to leave, I asked her if I could pray for her, which I did, right there, in the lobby of her office. She then asked me to wait so that RIGHT THEN, BEFORE I LEFT, I could pray with the Congressman. I love my job!

As you can see by the prayer card, I am reminding them that if the Lord’s return is near, how ought they to live? My goal, which I shared to most of the Congressmen and women I spoke with was simple, I was there to encourage them to think, NOT ONLY OF BEING GOOD STEWARDS, but also to live with God in mind. Where I was allowed, “to preach,” I shared the whole story of 2 Peter 3.

I reminded them that, “If the Lord’s return is near, we should look forward to His return (2 Peter 3:14a), and we should be at peace with Him, which includes being spotless & blameless (2 Peter 3:14b). But then I shared with them 2 Peter 3:15a which reminds us why Peter told us that to the Lord a day is like a thousand years. the context was that God wants ALL TO BE SAVED. So, what are we told in verse 15, simply that we, that they, in Washington DC need to keep their eyes open for opportunities for salvtion.

Now, here’s the cool part, a number of the Congressmen and women resinated with my words. And when they did, I heard this from them, “Yes, Mark, there are opportunities for salvation all over the place here.”

My friends, there are good things happening in DC. The media today only gives you a sliver of all that is occuring in DC, and usually a rotten sliver.

It’s amazing the things I hear, when I’m in DC. I can tell you where some of our national enemies have their listening stations in DC. I can tell you about a committee which is becoming more and more aggregious to its colleagues because of what they are uncovering, and while these folks can’t get onto other committees, “. . . their committee is growing exponentially . . .” But, I can also tell you about a committee chair who bought 1 year Bibles for the entire membership, asked them to read through it daily while they are together, and whose last two, important votes, have been 50 to 0, all voting in unison (yes, I’m still talking Washington, DC).

On the prayer card above, note the #AbrahamLincoln quote on prayer, “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.” Whew! As we say in “Sermon-Speak,” “That Preaches!”

A Few More Notes From My Visit:

  • I spoke with a Congressman, behind closed doors, who shared with me some health issues.
  • Another staffer who’s prayer request was that she’d, “Handle the constituent’s calls to everyone’s satisfaction.” This visit reminded me of the incredible pressure these folks are under. And her request was not unique! I heard it from a number of staffers.
  • There’s a Chief of Staff whom I pray with weekly, he saw me in the hall and came up to me to pray for my visit there. That was very cool, FOR ME! Because that rarely happens, someone there praying for me!
  • Sometimes when the people I wanted to visit with aren’t there . . . no, I don’t get grumpy . . . instead, I look forward to a door the Lord opens. In this one case, the staffer who was there shared with me about his anger, and how easily it creeps up on him and overwhelms him. He was embarrassed that he had just shared that with me, so I prayed with him, Ephesians 5:20 and Romans 15:13. It turned out to be a very sweet stop. When I saw him the next day I asked him if he looked up the verses, and with a big smile, he said, “Yes!” I walked down the hall thinking, I love my job!
  • When I get to the 5th floor of the Cannon HOB I love to sit on this deep, deep, deep sofa. As I sat down another comfort seeker came up and shared my sofa. After awhile I shared what I do there in DC and then was able to pray with her for the cause she was there to acccomplish.
  • I also went into offices where I normally have a good, no, WHERE I HAVE A great relationship with the Congressman. or woman, but my stops were less than fulfilling, almost as if I was being, “blocked,” from seeing them. Pray for wisdom for me, I know the way the evil one’s works, so pray for insight.
  • I’m always fascinated by the folks who see my lanyard (which clearly say’s National Day of Prayer). They are looking at me, and you know they want to say something, but they do not know what to say. It’s kind of cute.
  • And then the emails I get from friends, WHILE I’M THERE is always a blessing to me. Craig, who texted me each morning to let me know he was praying for me. And Isaura, who emailed me. Thank you Lord for my friends.
  • When I stop Congressmen and women in the hallways, I never know what kind of a response I’m gonna get, AND BELIEVE ME, THE RESPONSE IS NOT PARTY-RELATED. In other words, you cannot say, “Oh this must be a Democrat,” or, “That must have been a Republican.”
    • At any rate, one Congresswoman who gave me the cold shoulder last time I saw her was very receptive to seeing how I was praying for her this time.
    • And then a Congressman turned on me, but with a huge smile and assured me he was grateful for my calls.
    • While another one shook his head to try and get away, until he hear my simple words, “I’m just here to pray for you when I’m in town, sir.” Then he stopped and was glad for my prayers.
    • And then there was the Congressman I stopped in the stairwell, was grateful for my prayers, but refused to give me his name. Instead he said, “You’ll figure out who I am!” I did, baby! The next time I’m in town, he’s my first stop!
    • And then there was the Congressman who already had someone waiting in his office, but let me pray for him, before he went in to his meeting.
  • I also see a number of Congressional leaders who are physically weak, hurting, in pain, and just flat out suffering. I need wisdom how to minister to them.

Finally, let me tell you about the Ministry & Faith Fair which was held in the Pelossi Caucus Room (NO SNARKY COMMENTS!). The fair was put on for folks who are there, “Facilitating Faith on the Hill.” There is so much going on in DC that is faith related, but, of course, you will never hear about it from CNN or Fox News because it’s just not sexy enough. But trust me, men and women of God are there! Thank you to the Office of the Chaplain.

Continue to pray for me . . .

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