This is now the second visit that I have stretched to 3 days, and what a HUGE difference it makes. I have so many contacts now that 2 days doesn’t allow me the time to get to everyone. With a 3 day visit to DC, now I can get to everyone, and have time left over which means I don’t have to run around like a crazy-man. Instead, I can take my time with the people I engage.


  • For those of you who contribute financially, thank you for that. I am very pedantic about making sure your money is stretched as far as I can. I never rent a car anymore, using the METRO Rail for my transportation. And now that I’m aware of the MARC Train into DC, I fly in and out of BWI for far less money. So again, thank you. I shared with someone today that we never beg anyone for money and have never paid a bill late. Furthermore, we have always had money when we needed it. My answer is always the same when people ask me how we survive, financially. I answer, “God puts it on the hearts of men to give, and they give.” So again, thank you.

Most of you know that I leave a prayer card with men and women there. I do this so they can see how I pray for them. One of the Congressmen saves them and pulls them out of his desk to reread them.

You can find all my recent prayer cards here. . . https://markmirza.com/printprayercards/

As you read the highlighted portion of this card, would you please PRAY BIG, with me. I want to encourage all of these men and women I meet with to participate in their own district at a National Day of Prayer (NDP) event this next year. The responce I am already getting has been very encouraging. Pray for me to not miss a single elected official who wants to participate in an NDP event.

Some Brief Thoughts from October 17-19, 2023:
Lately, heading to DC the evil one continues to throw into my brain. . .

  • Mark, isn’t your season over?
  • Are you really needed?
  • Are you accomplishing anything?

I shared that with a friend who reminded me to keep doing what I know God has called me to do. “Afterall,” he said, “Isn’t the devil the one who first said, ‘Did God really say. . .'” Pray for me to remain diligent in Washington DC.

Let me share my 3 days with you:

I sensed a lot of tension, right from the beginning. Tension in offices because the House is embroiled in a leadership stand-off. And tension on the street because of the Israel-Hamas war.

EVERY DAY THE CLARITY NEEDED for my visit became more and more obvious.

Most of you know the story, when I’m walking onto the grounds of the US Capitol or into the House Office Buildings, something SCRAMBLES in my brain, and I don’t care about their politics.

I’m not there to fix the way anyone thinks. In fact, I’m not there to talk politics! I have one goal, ONE. And that is to demonstrate, to live out, the Christ that so many of them have no idea exists.

As I told someone today, “These men and women go to cocktail parties with colleagues just like them. If they talk about Christians at all, it’s from the only perspective they know. THEIRS! I get to demonstrate a Jesus who offers hope, and I demonstrate it as I pray for them.

I’ve said this before, “I have got the BEST job in DC.

Here are a few of this week’s events:

1] A Congressman was walking towards me when I stepped up and introduced myself as someone here to just pray for him. He sighed deeply and said, “Oh please, do that right now for me.” So right there in the middle of the hallway, we both bowed our heads, closed our eyes and I prayed for him.

2] I contrast the example above with a Congresswoman who had no idea how to respond when I told her I prayed for her. She paused, clearly didn’t know what to say and then said, with all sincerity, “Oh, that’s cute. Thank you.” And please hear me, I’m not being critical of her. She just had no idea how to respond. We Christians HAVE NOT given her enough interraction with us to know how to respond. I say, “Shame on us!”

3] Exiting a hallway bathroom, heading to his office, a Chief of Staff (COS) I have known from other Congressmen was looking down, not at the floor, emotionally. I went up to him and asked what was going on. That started a 15 minute discussion . . . now listen, 15 minutes is A LONG TIME for these folks. But we spent 15 minutes together! Among other things, I reminded him he was there because as a Christian he can have a voice that his staff needs to hear.

4] In an elevator (which I RARELY take) a Congresswoman saw my lanyard and then introduced herself to me, VERY GRATEFUL for the ministry of prayer.

5] One gentleman was standing on the corner and on his phone while I was walking by. I heard him say, “We need the Lord to intervene.” I have no idea the context of his statement, but I interrupted him, gave him my card and told him I was proud of him for knowing he needed the Lord to intervene. You realize I interrupted him while he was on his call! I started to walk off and he introduced himself to me. He was a Congressman. Had I known that I wouldn’t have interrupted his call. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

6] Met a congressman who was very proud to tell me he starts every day in prayer.

7] Had a fun little stop with a woman at the front desk who was a Dodgers fan. We joked and laughed and I told her I was from Northern California and a Giants fan, she said she went to school in Northern California so she liked the S.F. Giants too. There was nothing holy about this brief stop, but it demonstrates something critical. These men and woman are regular people, and they need to be prayed for as such.

8] One of my longstanding Congressional friends was walking through the hallways when we bumped into one another, I was able to remind him he was there to give Godly wisdom where others cannot.

9] A chaplain who comes to DC often was on the phone with me when I asked him how I could pray for him. He said, “Grace. Pray for grace, Mark.” I prayed Romans 15:13 for him, which gave him great solace.

10] I stopped a number of Capitol Police officers and not a few janitors to let them know I’m praying for them. They were very grateful. Very!

11] Dropping off my prayer card in one of the office, the guy I gave it to said, very excitedly, “Oh, the congressman really enjoyed the last one he got.” That was a month ago and he STILL REMEMBERED!

12] I spoke with another office staffer who shared that she has some marital problems at home. I confirmed that she is getting good council from female Bible Study Groups she’s in, but it demonstrates AGAIN, that these are regular people!

13] There is a Congressman who I see often, and he is so genuine, so likable, I smile when I know he is around. This week I exited an office and saw him from behind. I called out, “Hey, who am I walking behind?” He turned and smiled and allowed me to pray briefly for him as he hustled off to another meeting.

14] A friend of mine, who I’ve not prayed with often (only because he is so busy) just put his name in the hat for Speaker of the House. I emailed him the following, through his scheduler, who we’ll call “Sam” though that’s not his real name.


This is Mark Mirza. I’m the one who pesters you every month about praying with the Congressman when I’m in town.

Would you please forward this to Congressman So-And-So? I know he’s got a lot going on, as do you, so I’ll keep this as short as I can:

Congressman, I’ve been praying about the Speaker situation and was very glad to see that you put your name in the hat.

I was up much of the night last night and this morning praying for you and was reminded of a free booklet that is available from my website. It is a modernized version of a 1656 sermon on how to vote.

1656 England was very divided, much like the USA is today. And in this wonderful little sermon, the pastor gives us a number of interesting perspectives on how to vote.

Let me just share with you the portion on whom to choose. They fit you to a T.
–Look for the fear of God in those you choose.
–Look for wisdom and proper gifts.
–Enquire whether they are Christians.
–Look for courage and resoluteness.
–Find purposeful focus on the nation’s public affairs.
–Choose those who have healing spirits.
–Look for a desire to serve.
–Find those faithful to ministers and to the ministry of the gospel.

Please know that I’m honored to pray for you, sir.
Thanks Sam. BTW, if you or Congressman So-And-So want this sermon you can download it free at MarkMirza.com/Politics.

15] Last month I engaged a Congressman who you would not think of when you think of prayer. As I stopped by his office and told the staff why I was there, they were genuinely grateful. I look forward to getting in front of him again soon. This is another example of me being allowed to demonstrate a Jesus I am sure they have no idea exists. Pray for open doors here. Just say Congressman “X” and God will know who you’re talking about. I tell people often that if Ephesians 6:12 is true, then your struggle is not with flesh and blood. If I gave you the name of this Congressman, you would challenge me, but isn’t that the point? What God’s word says is true, not what you see on the outside, or what you hear coming from his lips.

16] I saw another Congressman who I have missed EVERYTIME I’m in town. He was running to a meeting but he stopped long enough to seriously say, “Mark, I thank you for all your prayers.” Folks, readers, these men and women ARE REGULAR PEOPLE!!!! They need us to pray for them as such.

17] I like to use the Scheduler’s first names. I get to know them as best I can. Sometimes they see me coming and are eating lunch and the last thing they want to do is talk to me so they shut the door. In one of the offices, I saw “Sam,” not his real name, and when he saw me he put his sandwich down, came out and said, “Hello,” promising to give my prayer card to his principal. I love my job!

18] Not all stops are easy. One office I walked into EVERYONE THERE were L. A. Dodgers fans.

19] One of the last offices I went into the young man behind the desk had allowed me to pray for him last month, that God would give him peace about his next career step. He’s still there. He’s still seeking the the Lord.

As I close out this post let me remind you of something I said to a number of Congressmen this week. I told them about a short clip I heard from Dr. Stanley where he said, “Accept everything as if it is from God. Because He could have stopped it.”

It’s a powerful thought, and because God is sovereign, you can trust Him, even when you do not like what He has allowed into your life, your government, or the governents of other nations.

Love you guys. Thank you for your prayers and your financial support.





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