The Webinar

This last week I had the chance to participate in a webinar put on by my friend Daniel Henderson. He has been a leader in encouraging pastor’s prayer lives for years.

Below you will find some of my quick quotes/paraphrases from the webinar, but more importantly, you will see the link, giving you access to the webinar itself.

Trust me, it’ll be worth your time.The

The Quotes

Teaching on prayer thru a Strategic Renewal live webinar:

“We agree” with one another, all over the congregation

Most of life is mundane, and that’s okay.

Be flexible on the form, to capture the participation.

Prayer leading is one of the most faith-filled things I do. I don’t look at the parking lot when I drive in because it is too depressing.

Kids learning to pray by watching adults pray. So we only have nursery, we do not have children’s groups those Sunday nights that we do our monthly prayer meeting.

Our leadership team ministers in the context of Prayer, meaning we PRAY with people..

We are prone to self-trust.

Where is the place that your church prays?

Making a value that isn’t practiced is a hope. A core value of Prayer CANNOT be on the list of core values until we actually pray!

The power of “AND” meaning if we do not focus on both the Bible AND Prayer you’re missing both!

The Links



I hope you’ll take the time to watch and/or listen. It’ll be worth your while.




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